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Curly to Styled in 60 Flat! Samy Fat Hair to the Rescue!

By Sheila Arkee

Although I love the way my hair looks both curly and straight, taking the time and energy to transform my curls into silken tresses is an event I infrequently undertake.

Send in the curls!

Smooth going! Photo via kkcreativestudio.com/

 Calling it an “event” is pretty accurate – it takes about an hour and tons of elbow grease to make hair styling magic happen!

The key ingredients needed to make this all possible include the following:

– Duckbill clips to separate my hair into sections.

– A heavy duty flat iron that gets hot FAST – I use a HAI that I’ve had for about 7 years and am very happy with.

– Ironically enough, a curling iron to strategically re-add curls in the front. The curling iron I use – from Hot Tools – is 1 1/2″ and makes amazing curls with its ceramic technology. I chose this one because I’d heard nothing but raves from hairstylists.

– A comb. I love this one with a teaser at the end for a little volume. I like smooth hair, but abhor flatness!

– A dry shampoo to eliminate any greasy spots in the days after the straightening has happened. Batiste’s is fantastic, and it also helps to add a little bit of volume the day hair has been straightened. Spray it in, shake it right on out!

– A top-notch hairspray that does not make your hair feel stiff or leave you with residue to hold everything together.

For this particular hair straightening event, I used Samy’s Fat Hair Amplifying Hair Spray and let me tell you, this particular hairspray has lept to the very top of my favorite hair products. A couple of sprays after hair was flattened, strategically recurled and styled, and I had volume going on for DAYS, literally.

This photo was taken two days post styling, and I am beyond impressed that the top is full of volume, and not stuck to my head, as tends to happen. Perfectly tousled, bombshell hair that I sincerely wish would happen naturally and not require so much effort!

Samy’s products are availabe at drugstores and online at Ulta.com (which now accepts Paypal, could be a dangerous thing!).

How often do you take the time to style your hair? Do you save it for special occasions, or is it done on a more regular basis?

*Samy Fat Hair Amplifying Hair Spray provided for consideration.

  • Wendy

    bombshell hair is a good term.

  • Martha Lastra

    Your hair in the 2 days post styling pic looks great! I also detest the flat hair look. If I am going to the salon (which is definitely my preference), I will tell my stylist not to use the flat iron. So in anyone else’s case the stylist definitely needs to know how to work the brush and not exclusively depend on the flat iron to achieve straight hair. However, there are times when I can’t get to the salon and I’ll have a friend straighten my hair with the maxiglide. The positive to this maxiglide contraption is that it straightens your hair while it is dry. Although using the Maxiglide is the same concept as using, a flat iron I recently read using mousse solves the flat hair look problem. The Victoria Secret signature look of the beautiful, bouncy, big barrel curl is achieved with mousse and obviously a curling iron. The mousse is called So Sexy Style & Body Hold Volumizing Mousse for $14. I avoid at all cost straightening my own hair even with the Maxiglide. It takes far too much time and effort and the results are always less than stellar. I have also read that the go to hairspray is Elnet by Loreal. Although paying $15 for a can of hairspray isn’t all that appealing to me. While I haven’t tried the mousse thing on my own hair I’m definitely going to try it in my near future and am confident it will work. I am going to take your advice about the hairspray you used. Hopefully I will get the same results. Thanks!

  • admin

    Martha, I promise you will really like the hairspray! I liked it more that Elnett!