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Curling Your Lashes With A Spoon – Does it Work?

By Sheila Arkee

Of all the tips I’ve gathered through the many years of my beauty geekhood, none compare to the following: instead of using a lash curler, try curling your eyelashes with a spoon.

A spoon.

One of the best parts about working behind a cosmetics counter was being around dozens of other people who were equally as geeky about makeup. My favorite part of a work day was right before the store opened and everyone would primp and preen and finish their makeup. Just a run down to YSL, Chanel  and and Armani and I was ready to start my day.

A colleage would take out a spoon and use it to carefully curl her lashes before applying makeup. It looked odd, but she swore it worked and was great for those people who found themselves pinched by the delicate grasp of an actual lash curler.

Curling your eyelashes with a spoon works on the same principal as using the side of a scissor to curl up some ribbon.

It’s a trick that involves any kind of metal spoon.

Here are my lashes before:

Simply position the outer edge of the spoon against your lashline and use the force of your thumb against your lashes to create a curl.

Things can get tricky and its all too easy to grab lid instead of lashes.

Add mascara, and there you have it … spoon curled lashes.

You do get a nice curl from the spoon and it is easy to reach those hard-to-curl corners, but …

 Unless you a) absolutely cannot tolerate a lash curler, or b) have lost/mangled/forgotten your lash curler/are on a deserted island with nothing but a spoon and mascara, use a lash curler.

  • http://allyourbasenotes.blogspot.com Jessica

    OK, for me this would be a recipe for disaster. I’d probably end up gouging my eyeball out.

  • admin

    LOL! I was scared of that, too!

  • http://www.beautyinfozone.com MarciaF (beauty info zone)

    I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work on super straight lashes. But in a pinch it’s a nice trick.

  • http://magnifique-studio.ru/ Салон Красоты

    It’s a bit funny. Does it realy work?

  • http://www.mocinhakawaii.com Heglaé

    I tried it but my lashes are super straight and ticky…doesn’t work at all…

  • http://sweetycraft.blogspot.com/ sweety craft

    i do agree with jessica hhhhh

  • Nancy Baker Tatarek

    I recently bought a lash curler from Revlon. It’s okay, but apparently I’m not even on both eyes–it works on one eye but on the other eye I have to press really hard to get the lashes into the curler. Any suggestions on choosing a lash curler? I almost can’t use the one I bought.