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Cosmetics Confessions: Your Favorite Base and Top Coats

By Sheila Arkee

Okay, ladies & gents, it’s time to dish at our weekly open post. Pour the coffee, pull out the red velvet cupcakes,  we’ll be here for awhile.

The nail polishes in this week’s photo are by Sally Hansen. They are quite fabulous and will be discussed in further detail shortly. The polishes are a base and top coat as well as a treatment, which leads me to this week’s question. What are your favorite base and top coats for nail care?

Right now I’m in major use-up mode so I’m using a base coat by Nubar and Duri’s Rejuvacote.

*Polishes provided for consideration. Opinions are my own.

  • Wendy

    I like the revlon color stay base coat and the Sally Hansen top cost in the silver mirrored bottle, the name escapes me. The top coat is just as decent as Seche Vite without the noxious fumes.

  • katydidknits

    Orly Bonder basecoat. I luuuuuuurve that stuff. And I’m a big fan of Seche Vite as a topcoat. Dries fast and is SUPER shiny? Yes please!

  • http://www.sweetlibertine.com Sarah

    I use Nailtiques Formula 2 as a base and top coat. It may be a bit expensive, but my manis tend to last about 2 weeks, or until I get tired of them. Plus it’s made my nails so much stronger!

  • http://jmtolman.etsy.com JMTolman

    OPI Natural Nails base coat is my favorite- it does the job, dries fast, and isn’t thick. As for top coat, I’ve fallen in love with Out The Door. Dries fast, no shrinkage, no bubbles, lots of shine, and my polish just stays ON. I highly recommend it!

  • Jamie Schnirch

    I have just recemt;u tried Sally Hansen’s clear nail polish and have to say I love it!!! I have natural nails, and it lasted longer then OPI, Zoya, etc. I have used Seche Vite and love how it dries quickly and stays shiney, but it’s a bit strong smelling! :-) I think I am going to try using the SH clear as a base coat and a top coat.