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Cosmetics Confessions: Your Essential Eyeshadow Brushes

By Sheila Arkee

Okay, ladies & gents, it’s time to dish at our weekly open post. Pour the coffee, grab some cheesecake,  we’ll be here for awhile.

There are four brushes I currently consider essential for my eye makeup application – when all is said and done, it all boils down to these brushes that blend to perfection.

1. Up & Up’s Studio Tools Crease Brush: This brush is the best $2 you will ever spend in your beauty loving life. It’s better than so many other more expensive ones on the market, seriously.

2. Flat shader brush:

I use MAC’s 242 brush to pat color on my lids. I’ve been using this for years because it works so well, but I’m open to alternatives if anyone has a suggestion!

3. Small fluffy brush:

This brush is used to apply a light shadow to my browbone, inner eye, and to blend out the edges of my shadow application. I use the MAC 213 brush.

4. Liner brush for gel eyeliners:

A bent liner brush is the way to go. This makes lining your lids so much easier and foolproof – I promise!

What are your favorite shadow brushes?

  • http://lolassecretbeautyblog.blogspot.com lola

    I have always wanted to try a bent liner brush!

  • http://mommakeupmin.blogspot.com/ Virginia

    I have the up and up crease brush and I LOVE It! It’s perfect for those of us with hooded lids :) I love how soft it is!!

  • jessica

    Never really thought about using a liner brush until I really got into eyeshadows. Before then I didn’t even know there was such a thing!

  • Wendy

    Angled liner brush for my gel liners or if I’m going with a softer look just with shadow.

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    Yes, angled brushes are fab. :)

  • Lori

    I love your brush posts, because I usually find a great new tool to add to my collection.

    One oddity to note on this post…..

    The link to your first brush takes me to TheOatmeal.com, instead of the brush’s website. I assume this was an oops that was never caught?


  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    Oh gosh, how did that happen?! Ha ha! Thank you for catching that!!!