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Cosmetics Confessions: Do You Subscribe To A Monthly Sample Box?

By Sheila Arkee

Okay, ladies & gents, it’s time to dish at our weekly open post. Pour the coffee, grab some gingerbread cookies, we’ll be here for awhile.

When I was about six years old I was in the middle of a major Hello Kit ty obsession. I mean, major. There were multiple demands on my mother to please, please, pretty pretty pretty please take me to the Sanrio store so I could ogle the pencils and come home with a notebook or an eraser. Which makes me kind of glad I have a son who is only obsessed with cars and trains!

On one of my visits to the magical Sanrio store, I remember finding the most adorable mini clipboard that absolutely stole my heart. I didn’t get to bring it home, but a while later went to a store that had a $1 grab bag game. At the low, low price of $1, I was allowed to pick one out that happened to contain my beloved mini clipboard! Let’s talk magical life moments!

That’s kind of how I feel about monthly sample subscription bags. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll receive something you’ll like and use, but there is the oft chance you’ll receive something totally right up your alley and worth the cost.

From Birchbox, Glossybox, The Look Bag, and more, there are a  myriad of choices when it comes to sample subscription boxes. Pay anywhere from $10 to $21 a month to receive samples and usually a couple of full-sized products.

Do you subscribe to any sample clubs? Which ones? Have you been happy with them?

P.S. I can’t believe my magical Sanrio clipboard is online!!!!

  • http://editionsofthu.blogspot.com Thu

    I subscribe to Ipsy (formerly called MyGlam), and I love it! It’s primarily makeup (as opposed to hair or skincare), and you get a cute little bag. So far I’ve gotten NYX, TheBalm, Urban Decay, etc, so it’s brands that I’m familiar with and love.

    I used to get Birchbox, but cancelled because I was getting lots of hair care, skin care, perfume, etc – stuff I never use. Even though it was only 10 bucks a month, it was a waste because I was just throwing things out.

  • Wendy

    I cancelled Birchbox for that reason along with the fact that the shipping company they were contracted with lost 3 of the 6 boxes I paid for. Birchbox customer service was fantastic, especially comparing to Glossybox and their anti customer service actions. Glossybox customer service is lousy. Business school 101, when you take a customers money, you have to actually follow through with your promise to provide goods and services. Failing to do so amounts to theft. When you say you’re going to do something follow through with your promise. I’m now on week 3 of no response from Glossybox.

  • http://beautyinfinitum.blogspot.com/ eight

    I subscribe to Topbox, a Canadian service. There have been some major hits, some meh, but mostly fairly good boxes.

    I love your Hello Kitty story! It reminds me of those $1 treat bags. I’d always ask for them but they were such ripoffs — even at $1, the candy was maybe worth 50 cents if you were lucky. At least beauty boxes are usually worth more than the subscription price.