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Cosmetic Confessions: Your Gateway Makeup Brand

By Sheila Arkee

We all started somewhere, with some major brand. You know, that one line that drew us in with their pretty packaging or a specific color of lipstick or shadow. And then all hell broke loose and a makeup fiend was born!

For me it was Clinique - I was fascinated by the jade green, lacquered packaging, the floral patterned boxes. It just seemed so gorgeous and sophisticated to the eyes of a makeup newbie. Who cared about the quality and performance of the makeup itself, I wanted to run around with one of those compacts!

What about you? What makeup brand started your obsession with beauty products?

  • http://beautykarma.blogspot.com lindsie

    I have to say NYX Cosmetics. I remember going online and splurging on their website, just had this mood. I never wore lipstick or even any other color eye shadow except for one particular silver. Anyway I bought this like 80-piece eye shadow palette along with like 15 different shades of lipstick and then I became a makeup junkie of which explored me to other brands ♥

  • Monika

    It was Clinique for me as well. I had adult acne starting at around age 19, so I needed a good foundation that was age appropriate and wouldn’t cause me to break out more. I got samples from them and started using their mascara and lipsticks as well!

  • Ginn

    For me..it was seeing a friend of mine..looking gorgeous. See she and I have always worn glasses. So for me..that meant makeup meant nothing cuz all anyone ever saw was my frames. Then a friend of mine posted a pic of herself looking amazing..in glasses. That was the start. I’m a late bloomer to makeup (I’m 26)..but my tops are Clinique, Nars, and Covergirl.

  • Wendy

    I started buying makeup in middle school and could only afford drugstore products…also I was mistakenly under the impression that high end makeup = old lady. Caboodles used to have a makeup line that I remember liking, and Jane with their flavored lipsticks.

  • Kaitlyn

    For me it was Mary Kay. My mom sold it up until I was around 10, and I always associated it with being fancy and grown up. My mom always tells me about a time when I was 4 and got into the Mary Kay products that she bought to sell. There’s a picture of me after that, and I have mascara on my eyebrows, purple eyeshadow all over my face, and bright red lipstick on my lips (and upper lip and chin hahah). I still use a lot of Mary Kay products now (I’m 17 now), especially their eyeliners and crayon-type lipsticks.

  • ShannoninBC

    Back in the late 80′s my start was very basic…drugstore! However, I was drawn to very dark browns (as there were no blacks in drugstore that I found!) and did my version of a smokey eye back then. Lots of pale foundation, mascara, black liner, dark winged out chocolate brown shadow – very dramatic! Eventually, as I got older and needed more age/office appropriate makeup, that look faded to boring brown eyeliner and mascara LOL It wasn’t until a handful of years ago that I started to explore more color and variety again and now, watch out! I have more “stuff” than I could reasonably use up in my lifetime LOL Talk about making up for lost time!

  • Ana

    Sugarpill and her network (Shrinkle blog, Coilhouse, Petrilude, MakeupbyRisa).

    I never got to wear Sugarpill, but their colours spoke to me instantly.

    I started watching this video, than that and came to realize makeup is not that complicated, that I don’t need big brand names to have quality and that it’s fun to play with it (I was always into editorial makeup, not the everyday kind).

    My first makeup (for real) was the 88 palette – colour, finally :) !
    Golden Rose and Gabrini lipsticks, Gabrini and Rilken polishes, Impala liners…

  • Samantha

    Lise Watier was what did it for me. I never cared for makeup until my friend introduced me to Lise Watier’s loose powders. From there I had to have every color!