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Contest! Win Nad’s Facial Wands!

By Sheila Arkee

One of the things that I like the most about Nad’s products is that they require no heating whatsoever. Way back in the day, when I was a young teen and there was no Internet yet, I found an old recipe in a book for creating your own sugaring hair remover.  There should have been a thermometer in the play, but long story short I have a lovely scar on my left forearm as a reminder of this tragic event!

Needless to say, I am a big fan of how simple it is to use Nad’s hair remover gels. You simply apply, heat up by using your own body temperature, and you’re set!

Nad’s has just released a really cool invention that I talked a little about earlier this week – a Facial Wand with a precision tip that you can use to shape your brows or any other facial hair. Sue Ismiel gave me five of these nifty Facial Wands to give away to Painted Ladies readers. Yay!

So, here are the simple rules – leave a comment below, contest ends next Friday, October 29th. Five winners will be announced on Saturday, October 30th.

Good luck!

  • Peggy B.

    Count me in please :)
    Could use this!

  • http://joydreamerstravels.blogspot.com/ Heather

    Sounds like fun! :)

  • http://Www.chasing20.com L Stone

    Pick me! Pick me! :)

  • http://thevinylwordandothermusings.blogspot.com Deb

    Cool! I hate plucking my eyebrows, but I like to keep them nice and neat. I have always been a bit weary of trying to wax my own, because I feared taking off too much. This looks like it might be right up my alley. Count me in!

  • http://thebeautyb.blogspot.com BeautyByBrittany

    Wow, what a cool new product! I would definitely like to try this!

  • Kristin

    Ooooo…I’d love to win! I read the post about these & I’m dying to try them!!!

  • tousledkitten

    These look cool. :-)

  • Miss Boom

    Ooo! I want to taste it!

  • http://www.theyarnside.com/ Brianna

    I’m the first to admit my eyebrows could use some help, so a chance at winning such an awesome-sounding product is definitely something I’ll jump at. :)

  • http://peaceofclementine.blogspot.com clementine

    Oooh, I’ve always wanted to try Nads, but never picked any up. Count me in! And thanks for another awesome giveaway. :)

  • effulgent

    That sounds lovely!

  • http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com SilhouetteScreams

    I’d love to win (and hear more about your awful DIY hair removal experience ;])

  • JD

    I have never seen one of these before. Interesting.

  • kami

    I would LOVE to try this!!

  • Courtney

    Awesome! I would love to try this out!!

  • http://thiamere.blogspot.com thiamere

    i have never heard of this yet…

    yay for new products!

  • lyzardly

    I fight a constant battle to maintain two separate eyebrows. They want nothing more than to merge into one massive unibrow. This would be a great addition to my arsenal.

  • Christine

    I’d like to try this :)

  • Kara

    I would love to be included please. I have never heard of these before they look so convenient and mess free!!

  • Ronda

    Please include me in the drawing! My eyebrows need all the help they can get. :-)

    I just came across your blog after searching for “makeup” in my Google reader. I think I shall subscribe to your feed, everything I’ve read so far is great. I especially enjoy your product reviews. Keep them coming!

  • Jasmine

    Woo hoo! I can now control my monobrow

  • Barbara

    I Love Nad’s. So easy to use =)

  • Diantha

    I need to shape my brows right now

  • jasmine eastwood

    would love to win this, i love nad’s products but havent made the switch from tweezers yet

  • KIM

    I love this product!!!
    Goodluck everyone.. hope I am one of the lucky one’s!

    K. x

  • http://delicateself.blogspot.com Denise

    This looks nifty and easy to use wow! It’s cute, too. My eyebrows could use a nice shape haha.

    Thanks for this giveaway, it’s the first I’m entering on your site, good luck to everyone! *crosses fingers*

  • Kim

    What a cool product! Here’s hoping that I win!!!

  • Fiona Rowlands

    Oh, these Nad’s wands sound “Magigal” and just the product I need too! A few months back I had a bit of an “accident” while trying to wax my own eye brows…. I’d cut the strips into perfect little strips ready to have “wow factor” eye brows, but then it all went horribly wrong….. I somehow managed to get my eye lashes stuck in the wax, and I was freaking out trying to gently remove them one at a time with my tweezers,without pulling them out entirely, Most of my eye lashes survived the trauma, but it was enough to scare me off waxing at home, but this little beauty looks easy enough for even me to give a go!!

  • http://beautytruthsnotuglylies.blogspot.com/ Rachel

    I have been growing my eyes for weeks and this is just what I need to sort them out!

  • Natasha

    I always have space at home for Nads products

  • Di

    I’d love to try this please, sounds really effective and easy to use!

  • Sharon

    I’ve used Nad’s products before but never one of their facial wands. If its as good as their other products it will be brilliant.

  • Ragnhild

    Please pick me! I love the product and I can not get it here in Norway, and I have tryed to order from web site but they will not sell to Norway… Did bay one in Australia last christmas….just to try and it is great!!

  • christine morris

    WOW this sounds great, if i won this fantastic product i would give it to my friend she needs it more than myself, has some facial hair issues. :)