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Top 9 Drugstore Eye Makeup Must Haves

By Sheila Arkee Although I got my start as a makeup lover buying products at the drugstore, it wasn’t until recently that I began to really appreciate items that cost around $10 and under. The quality and value of drugstore makeup has definitely come a long way in recent times, and there are many must-haves [...] [...]

NYX Cosmetics Primal Colors Are An Unfortunate Miss

By Sheila Arkee You win some, you lose some in life,  love, and beauty products. That’s exactly how I feel about the NYX Cosmetics Primal Colors, which are a rare missed step from an otherwise well-rounded brand. These colors sure look gorgeous, right? Wrong! Designed by NYX to “unleash your inner theatrical makeup artist”, the [...] [...]

Vincent Longo Dew Drop Radiant Blush in Sandalwood Guarantees A Gorgeous Glow

By Sheila Arkee Well, hello, gorgeous glow. I’m so very happy to see you. It’s not often I come across such a beautiful powder blush such as Vincent Longo Dew Drop Radiant Blush in Sandalwood. I mean, just look at this powder! This blush is housed in an elegant black compact. A demi-matte powder brush [...] [...]

SmartFX SmartEye Wrinkle Lift Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

By Sheila Arkee If you were to ask me my age, I would have one response: I’m forever 21. Right? Even though I turned 35 on my past birthday, I still think and feel like I’m somewhere in my mid to late 20′s.  Still, I can’t deny the changes in my skin as time goes [...] [...]

Swatching Sunday: NYX Primal Colors in Hot Green, Hot Orange, and Hot Blue

By Sheila Arkee From left to right: NYX Primal Colors in Hot Green, Hot Orange, and Hot Blue. Without primer underneath: With primer underneath: Full review coming soon! [...]

Is Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

By Sheila Arkee From years, and years, and years of reading top picks of favorite beauty products in magazines and blogs, one choice continually pops up for nail polish top coats, which is Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Everyone loves Seche! I, for one, didn’t get the big whoop for the longest time. My [...] [...]

My Top 8 Picks From Milani Cosmetics

By Sheila Arkee Over the past couple of years, Milani Cosmetics has become one of my drugstore bargain go-to, cruelty-free brands. Offering exceptional high quality with nothing costing more that $10, there really isn’t much to lose! Here are the standout products which I reach for time and again. 1. Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss I [...] [...]

Printcess Mineral Eyeshadow Vividly Brings Stories To Life

By Sheila Arkee Eyeshadow lovers, feast your eyes on this collection of fabulous colors from Printcess. Are these colors absolutely gorgeous, or what? I teased you with swatches of these colors over the weekend, and now for an in-depth look at these lovely shadows from a new mineral shadow company called Printcess. Beth, the creator [...] [...]

Does Garnier Clean+ Nourishing Cleansing Oil Trump DHC Deep Cleansing Oil?

By Sheila Arkee When I received a bottle of Garnier Clean+ Nourishing Cleansing Oil from Klout, I felt all kinds of mixed emotions inside. Would I love it with an undying passion? Would I hate it to the depths of the sea? Could this mineral oil-based cleanser replace my dearly beloved DHC Deep Cleansing Oil? [...] [...]

Milani Total Lash Cover Mascara Makes Lashes Go Vavoom

By Sheila Arkee This wand. This wand! Can you tell I’m just a little bit in awe of the bristle/plastic hybrid brush from Milani’s newest mascara, Total Lash Cover? It’s a contraption! Let’s take a quick peek back at the wands of some recent favorite mascaras. There’s Benefit’s They’re Real. L’Oreal Power Volume Collagen And, [...] [...]