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Wet n Wild Limited Edition Fall 2014 Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette in Angels In Aubergine

By Sheila Arkee Dear Wet n Wild. I love you so. You drive me crazy. We’re meant for each other. Why is it so hard to keep on top of your elusive limited edition collections? I’m thrilled to own the Wet n Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette in Angels In Aubergine, but sad as all get [...] [...]

Swoon Alert: The Ishopcandy.com Prisma Necklace

By Sheila Arkee When I spotted the Ishopcandy.com Prisma necklace over on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, only one thought ran through my mind: MINE! IT SHALL BE MINE! Priced at a mere $24, it’s a steal and especially if you’re a fan of colorful statement necklaces, such as myself. I see big, colorful [...] [...]

Vanity Fair Bras “For Women Who Do”

By Sheila Arkee When it comes to the state of my bras, I tend to be very picky. Having had my share of disappointments and flubs (i.e. bras that are useless after only a month!) I’ve discovered a few tried-and-true brands, and Vanity Fair® bras are some of my very favorite. For 100 years, Vanity [...] [...]

Catch Tarina Tarantino Cosmetics on Hautelook

By Sheila Arkee While I’m a tad late to the game – the sale started Thursday 9/4 – I just took a peek at Hautelook and had to give you the latest update on Tarina Tarantino Cosmetics. Tarina Tarantino Cosmetics has returned to Hautelook with a wide selection of this brand’s gorgeous prices available at [...] [...]

Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio In Sun-Set To See

By Sheila Arkee If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my nearly 36 years of living, it’s to never say never. While searching high and low for the limited edition Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio in Sun-Set To See from Summer 2014, I decided to make a spur of the moment visit to a [...] [...]

Getting Comfortable During That Time Of The Month

By Sheila Arkee Ladies, there’s no denying the fact that special time of the month requires some special comfort unlike any other. As a busy single mom I’ve learned the secret to increasing my overall level of comfort and well-being during that time is spending time outdoors, sprinting through the park, and soaking in the [...] [...]

Makeup Of The Day 19 – ArtOnIt Makeup

By Sheila Arkee Today’s MOTD features ArtOnIt Makeup. Check out my review and tutorial on ArtOnIt! Face Illuminare Moisturizing Mineral Foundation in Sienna Sun NYX HD Concealer in Glow NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in Glow Milani Even Touch Powder Foundation in Beige ArtOnIt Makeup Get Happy Blush MAC Harmony Blush Painted Earth [...] [...]

Mary Kay Ready To Wear Makeup Looks Featured on Project Runway Season 13

By Sheila Arkee When Mary Kay® meets Project Runway Season 13, magic happens. At least according to the makeup brush of Mary Kay® Global Makeup Artist Luis Casco, who created two gorgeous looks featured on the show. I recently had the awesome opportunity to recreate the looks featured on Project Runway Season 13, which is sponsored by [...] [...]

ArtOnIt Makeup Is A Splurge Worthy Luxury Beauty Brand Worth Checking Out!

By Sheila Arkee When art and beauty collide, the results are pretty spectacular, as is the case with ArtOnIt Makeup. I recently had the opportunity to try some gorgeous products from ArtOnIt, and my overall view of this line can be summed up as follows: Wow!!! I first learned about ArtOnIt Makeup several months ago [...] [...]

Get Your Glittery Gold On With e.l.f. Studio Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Toast

By Sheila Arkee When I think of cream eyeshadow, my first thought is to run for the hills.  With creasing and migration at risk on my oily eyelids, I just can’t go there. It’s not worth the aggravation but then e.l.f. Studio Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Toast happened. Hello, gorgeous gold! While I’ve seen and [...] [...]