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Mary Kay Ready To Wear Makeup Looks Featured on Project Runway Season 13

By Sheila Arkee When Mary Kay® meets Project Runway Season 13, magic happens. At least according to the makeup brush of Mary Kay® Global Makeup Artist Luis Casco, who created two gorgeous looks featured on the show. I recently had the awesome opportunity to recreate the looks featured on Project Runway Season 13, which is sponsored by [...] [...]

Top 10 Best Beauty Finds For May 2014

By Sheila Arkee Looking back at the products I reviewed during the month of May, I have to say it was a very good month. There were a few items that were losers, but I did find many keepers that I really love and enjoy using. Here’s my top 10 best beauty finds for May [...] [...]

Mary Kay Botanical Effects® Skin Care Four-Piece Set Formula 3 Review

By Sheila Arkee Things that have surprised me lately: 1. The end of the school year really crept up on me! A month to go for us, but how time flies! 2. My rapidly diminishing eyebrows. I am so thankful for brow products, because I don’t know where mine are going! 3. How much I [...] [...]

How I Ended Up Singing Pink Cadillac At A Mary Kay Sales Meeting + NouriShine Plus Glosses Review

By Sheila Arkee When I received a few Mary Kay products to review, I immediately thought of an experience that will always color my perceptions of this brand. Picture it – it’s the early 2000′s and we’re living in a world where J. Lo’s glow is what everyone is searching for and the Kardashian family [...] [...]

Best Of Beauty 2011: My Four Favorite Mascaras

By Sheila Arkee And so begins the Best Of Beauty Series for 2011! I hope you all had a swell Holiday season, even though it’s not officially over ’til New Years. Mine was great and I sure enjoyed seeing my little guy opening presents and genuinely enjoying the day. It’s those little moments with him that I [...] [...]

I can’t LIVE without YOU! (Part One)

By Marlee Mortensen, The Blissfully Beautiful Babe At first, one might think I am talking about a man. Nope, nada, never, not me! Still as single and fabulous as I was before! I am talking about beauty here! These are the top beauty products that I would absolutely be LOST without! Over the last 16 [...] [...]

Mary Kay Review and Giveaway!

By Sheila Arkee Hmmm, what could be inside this elegant package? Just some highly impressive Mary Kay beauty products that I recently had the chance to review! It’s been quite a while since I’ve used any Mary Kay products, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I received these Mary Kay items. Spoiler [...] [...]