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Top 9 Hot Weather Beauty Solutions

By Sheila Arkee It’s the middle of May and the temperatures are wildly varying throughout the USA. In some parts of the country it’s bitterly cold, while in Southern California we are experiencing outrageous heat that’s topped off with added warmth from neighboring wildfires. In short, it’s hot, yo! While there are many who adore […] […]

To Stock Up On or Toss? e.l.f. Ex-tra Lip Gloss in Marc

By Sheila Arkee While roaming the beat of the beauty aisles at Target recently, I happened upon a new and improved display of e.l.f. Cosmetics. Shiny, bright, and with items I’d never seen before, I was drawn to e.l.f. Ex-tra Lip Gloss in Marc. It’s rose, it’s gold, it’s glossy. A sure win, right? Well, […] […]

Is The e.l.f. Studio Flawless Concealer Brush A Must Have?

By Sheila Arkee Direct on the heels of listing my favorite picks from e.l.f. Cosmetics, I brought home a few new items from Target that I found irresistible. Case in point, the $3 e.l.f. Studio Flawless Concealer Brush that I immediately compared to my holy grail concealer brush, the Sephora Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57. […] […]

9 Top Picks from e.l.f. Cosmetics

By Sheila Arkee e.l.f. Cosmetics (which stands for Eyes Lips Face) has been serving up low priced, cruelty-free, bargain beauty deals from $1 to $6 for several years now. While they were elusive and hard to track down for a while, the majority of the line is available at Target stores. While I’d heard of […] […]

Perfectly Shaped Brows Are A Snap With e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit

By Sheila Arkee When I come across any makeup product that strikes my fancy and is priced at less than $5, I find myself unable to resist. Such is the case with e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit in Medium, which at $3 is a great price for similar products marked at $20 and above by higher […] […]

Can e.l.f.’s Mineral Eyeshadow Primer Keep My Eyeshadow Fresh?

By Sheila Arkee e.l.f.’s Mineral Eyeshadow Primer is one of those products I’ve intended to try for a long time, but could just never find at .my local Target stores that carry the e.l.f. brand. After having it on my mind, I gave in and placed an order for this $3 product, which is one […] […]

If You Love Glitter, e.l.f. Glitter Primer is a MUST Have!

By Sheila Arkee There are certain occasions in my makeup loving life where find a product so completely amazing I can barely stand the excitement. That is exactly how I feel about e.l.f.’s Glitter Primer,which is something I believe everyone who uses glitter must own! Although I can’t quite recall how I found this primer […] […]

e.l.f. Studio HD Blush in Encore Packs On Pigmentation

By Sheila Arkee While I’ve always had the luck to find specific products from e.l.f. Cosmetics at my local Target stores, there are certain ones that have proved elusive recently.  I’ve been on the hunt for a certain eyeshadow primer and glitter primer for months, so I finally decided to place an online order for […] […]

Could e.l.f.’s $1 Eyelid Primer Be A Budget Friendly Win?

By Sheila Arkee When any of the Painted Ladies holler over to tell me about a new great beauty product, I listen, and so that’s what found me on a mad hunt for e.l.f.’s $3 Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. Recommended by Monika, it must be that great because it is impossible to find at any of […] […]

Essential Makeup Brushes From e.l.f. Cosmetics

By Sheila Arkee Hello, my name is Sheila and I am a Professional Makeup Interventionist. With a lifetime of experience and obsession with the beauty industry, I am here for you all in every way related to makeup, and I will stop at no lengths to bring you information that will educate, inspire, and empower […] […]