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7 Best Luxury Lipstick Picks

Before I spent over $20 on a lipstick, I did not understand the purpose or function of spending over $20 on a lipstick. A lipstick is a lipstick, right? Well, kind of. It was love at first swipe when I tried my first luxury lipstick, and through the years I’ve found several that have become […] […]

My Top 5 Favorite Makeup Removers

We spend a lot of time applying makeup to our face and a few moments at the end of the day (hopefully!) removing it all. You know you’ve been there with the makeup removers that just aren’t up to snuff -what’s worse than putting in way more elbow grease than necessary to make sure your […] […]

How To Remove False Lashes

By Sheila Arkee After posting last week’s false lash application tutorial, I received a few questions wanting to know how to remove the lashes without harming one’s own lashes. That’s a good question! As you’ll see in this short, easy video, it’s a piece of cake. Just use a q-tip dipped in an eye makeup […] […]

The Top 7 Best Nude Lipsticks

By Sheila Arkee As a young woman who came into her makeup obsession during the “J. Lo” nude lipstick era, I have to admit that light colored pink and brown lipsticks have a very near and dear place in my heart. These days I find myself gravitating more and more towards brighter and darker colors, […] […]

My Top 6 Favorite Makeup Primers

By Sheila Arkee To prime, or not to prime, is the eternal question in the makeup world.Are you wearing a primer underneath your foundation today?   Although I don’t always slap a primer underneath my foundation due to time constraints, I find it of grossly underestimated importance. Like eyeshadow primer, using a base underneath your […] […]

The Top 12 Products I’ll Always Repurchase (aka, Holy Grails)

By Sheila Arkee Beauty products come and go, but a holy grail is forever. As long as it’s not discontinued out from under your feet! As a beauty blogger, I am constantly coming across new makeup, skin, and hair discoveries to the point where I can sometimes barely form attachments to particular types of products. […] […]

DHC Olive Virgin Oil Facial Moisturizer Saves Dry Skin

By Sheila Arkee It was just a couple of months ago when my skin was in need of a serious intervention. Dry, sensitive, and flaky, I had to bring out the big guns in with DHC Olive Virgin Oil Moisturizer. The good news is that my skin is significantly improved since then, and DHC Virgin […] […]

My Top 7 Beauty Picks From DHC

By Sheila Arkee Over the past few years I’ve come to know and absolutely adore DHC, a beauty company that prides itself in providing high quality and reasonably priced beauty products that are beloved by many. DHC never disappoints. I mean, never! I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites from this brand, but […] […]

DHC Scalp Massage Pack Is My Weekly Hair Conditioning Treat

By Sheila Arkee I have curly hair. For days. While this kind of curl isn’t typical and was the result of a particularly humid day (and boy was it ever!), there’s no denying that I am of the naturally curly ilk. Growing up with a head full of difficult-to-manage corkscrews, I really wished I had […] […]

Set & Smooth Your Skin With DHC Q10 Moisture Care Face Powder

By Sheila Arkee There’s just something about finishing your makeup routine with a dusting of loose powder that feels extremely elegant. It must go back to my childhood, because I equate it with that “Old Hollywood” glamour I’ve always adored.  It recalls so many TV shows and movies where some sophisticated character poofs their face […] […]