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DHC Olive Virgin Oil Facial Moisturizer Saves Dry Skin

By Sheila Arkee It was just a couple of months ago when my skin was in need of a serious intervention. Dry, sensitive, and flaky, I had to bring out the big guns in with DHC Olive Virgin Oil Moisturizer. The good news is that my skin is significantly improved since then, and DHC Virgin [...] [...]

My Top 7 Beauty Picks From DHC

By Sheila Arkee Over the past few years I’ve come to know and absolutely adore DHC, a beauty company that prides itself in providing high quality and reasonably priced beauty products that are beloved by many. DHC never disappoints. I mean, never! I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites from this brand, but [...] [...]

DHC Scalp Massage Pack Is My Weekly Hair Conditioning Treat

By Sheila Arkee I have curly hair. For days. While this kind of curl isn’t typical and was the result of a particularly humid day (and boy was it ever!), there’s no denying that I am of the naturally curly ilk. Growing up with a head full of difficult-to-manage corkscrews, I really wished I had [...] [...]

Set & Smooth Your Skin With DHC Q10 Moisture Care Face Powder

By Sheila Arkee There’s just something about finishing your makeup routine with a dusting of loose powder that feels extremely elegant. It must go back to my childhood, because I equate it with that “Old Hollywood” glamour I’ve always adored.  It recalls so many TV shows and movies where some sophisticated character poofs their face [...] [...]

Brighten Your Skin With DHC CoEnzyme Q10 Quick Gel Brightening Moisture

By Sheila Arkee With my Winter skin woes taking a turn for the better in recent weeks, I can finally better advantage of some skin care products I’ve had waiting for the day I didn’t need to slather my skin with a heavy, healing ointment. Lately my skin has really been loving DHC CoEnzyme Q10 [...] [...]

My Current Skin Care Regime Includes DHC CoQ10 Washing Cream

By Sheila Arkee After going through a Winter filled with a multitude of skin woes (hyperpigmentation, psoriasis, dryness, oh my!) I can finally say the situation has turned the corner into better times. And what a relief! I’ve had to baby my skin for the past few months, and DHC CoQ10 Washing Cream is one [...] [...]

A Good Blush Like DHC Face Color Palette EX Glows Forever

By Sheila Arkee DHC is really hitting the mark with their new beauty releases due out in just a few days on February 1st. Yesterday I showed you the sublime Premium Lipstick GE, and now the DHC Face Color Palette EX. The Face Color Palette EX shades are just what the makeup doctor ordered. If [...] [...]

The New DHC Premium Lipstick GE Offers A Little Bit Of Afforable Luxury

By Sheila Arkee With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s safe to reveal to you all that I am in love. Yes, it’s true – I have fallen deeply in love with DHC Premium Lipstick GE, possibly some of the most luxurious products that have ever touched my lips. According the DHC, this brand [...] [...]

Shiny, Healthy Hair Is A Guarantee With DHC’s New Q10 Revitalizing Hair Care Shampoo & Treatment

By Sheila Arkee In recent times I have come to know and love DHC as a trusted and favored source of excellent skin care products. The company’s commitment to quality is undeniable and I know I’ll have some of their products in my rotation forever. Take, for instance, their Deep Cleansing Oil, which would break [...] [...]

Silky Smooth Skin Is Ahead With DHC’s Olive Body Butter

By Sheila Arkee If my review of DHC’s Olive Body Butter were to consist of the following: “This stuff is YUM, buy it!”, it would be completely, concisely accurate. From the scent of green apples and rose to the richly textured cream that yields soft, supple skin, Olive Body Butter will rock your world. DHC, [...] [...]