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May Favorites

By Wendy Larson Every month I make a mental note to sit down and compile my favorites of the month. Every month I forget. I need to start writing things down. L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara Drugstore mascaras are improving by leaps and bounds and this makes me happy.  I can’t justify spending $15 + on high [...] [...]

Can Bath & Body Works Moisture Shower Cream Repair Scaly Legs?

By Alexandra So picture this –  The weather’s getting warmer and you just bought “like the cutest skirt EVER”. So you spend extra time in the shower shaving your legs and making sure everything is smooth and nice. You throw on your skirt and head out into the sunshine when you look down and realize [...] [...]

Glitter ‘o Rama ’10: A Tale of Two Glitters

By Megan Murray I often hear people lament that they are too old for glitter. The idea that one can be considered “too old “ to sparkle makes me sad. I know glitter can set-off some of the things we don’t like about our bodies; however, a little shimmer can make your lips look plumper [...] [...]