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4 Easy Nail Art Techniques

Today I have 4 easy nail art techniques that are guaranteed to spruce up any ordinary nail polish in your collection. While my polish application technique has definitely improved over time, I’ve always struggled in the area of nail art. In the interest of time and inexperience, I’ve learned to embrace easy techniques that give […] […]

Get Healthier Nails With New Cutex Nail Care Products

Have you ever come across products that you generally don’t have overwhelmingly high expectations for, but end up being some of the best you’ve ever tried? That’s exactly how I feel about a few new nail care products I’ve recently tested from Cutex. A leading nail care company since 1911, the folks at Cutex have […] […]

Happy Cuticles Happen With Nail Tek Renew Natural Anti-Fungal Cuticle Oil

A couple of months ago I picked up Nail Tek Renew Anti-Fungal Cuticle Oil and my cuticles are thankful for the experience. With a history of ragged nails and cuticles safely behind me, the continued health of my cuticles is something I take extremely seriously. Some might argue I’m on the edge of an obsession […] […]

Nails Of The Day: CoverGirl XL Nail Gel in Plump It Pear

CoverGirl XL Nail Gel in Plump It Pear is one of those nail colors I had lying around forever, unopened. Call it once bitten twice shy, but I was feeling wary about this particular polish. Could it live up to it’s expectations and provide results similar to gel nails? The color itself is gorgeous – […] […]

A Festive Halloween Manicure

By Sheila Arkee It’s October 31, 2014, and I have a festive Halloween manicure to share with you. If I had my druthers about me, I would have done something cute with nail art, but my nail art druthers are on hiatus. I do love nail art, so much that I have an entire Pinterest […] […]

The Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag For September 2014 Is A Worthy Treat

By Sheila Arkee When you’re in need of a cheap and fun beauty treat, you are guaranteed to find it in the Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag. For a mere $10  you receive a colorful and scented array of nail and skin care items that are just plain delightful. While the Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag is a […] […]

The Bonnie Marcus Nail Design Kit Is A Must For Nail Art Lovers

By Sheila Arkee My first thought upon seeing the Bonnie Marcus Nail Design Kit is that it is possibly the most adorable nail art kit I have ever laid my eyes on. It’s no secret that nail art is a huge thing in the beauty world. It’s fun, something you can easily practice and improve […] […]

My Very First Cult Nails Order

By Sheila Arkee After years and years of seeing and reading raves on social media for indie nail polish company Cult Nails, I finally placed a long overdue first order for a few nail lacquers. Cult Nails is an indie beauty brand that does it a 100% right with their products and marketing, as far […] […]

The Top 6 Best Mint Green Nail Polish Colors

By Sheila Arkee It recently came to my realization that I have a slight obsession with mint green nail polish. What can I say, but I just love the way the color plays with my skin tone and have to pick up any and every mint green that comes across my path. Here are the […] […]

3 Nail Care Tips To Take Your At Home Manicures and Pedicures To The Next Level

By Sheila Arkee Last year was a remarkable year in my life for the simple reason that I finally got my nail care under control. After a lifetime of hangnails, breakage, and overgrown cuticles, this was quite an accomplishment! One important lesson I learned is that it doesn’t take a nail salon intervention to curate […] […]