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9 Essential Hair Straightening Tools

As you may have noticed, I’ve been wearing my hair straight more frequently this year, more than ever! I love my curls, but it was time to try new things and I’ve been enjoying wearing my hair differently every couple of weeks or so. Over time I’ve developed a technique that streamlined the process and […] […]

3 Must Have Products For Curly Hair

As I mentioned in my recent post where I discussed my 2015 beauty resolutions, this is the year I’m getting my hair in it’s best shape ever. Possessing curls aplenty, my hair needs special care, and over time I’ve learned there are 3 must have products for curly hair that I cannot be without. 1. […] […]

Carol’s Daughter Marula Curl Therapy Will Nourish and Rejuvenate Your Curls

As the proud owner of massively curly hair, I always look forward to test hair care products catered to curls. For the past few weeks I’ve been using products from the new Carol’s Daughter Marula Curl Therapy line, and I can say with all confidence that these nourishing products have earned the “Happy Curls, Happy […] […]

Consider José Eber Beauté Cheveux The Conditioner Completely Curl Friendly

By Sheila Arkee It’s no secret that I have curly hair and tons of it. Curls are a blessing and also a challenge, because caring for them requires products that will keep the frizz factor in control while maintaining shine and manageability. I had my doubts when the José Eber Beauté Cheveux The Conditioner came […] […]

Say Hello To Silky Smooth Hair With Blowout Beauty Anti-Frizz Volume Boost Treatment Oil

By Sheila Arkee When you are the possessor of wildly curly hair, you welcome products that help make the straightening products that much easier. Blowout Beauty Anti-Frizz Volume Boost Treatment Oil entered my life over the Summer and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. Considering the amount of sheer torment my curly hair endured in […] […]

The New Braiding Handbook Is A Hair Care Necessity

By Sheila Arkee After reading the book The New Braiding Handbook, 60 Modern Twists on Classic ‘Dos by Abby Smith, I made an express trip to Sally Beauty Supply so I could load up on the professional bobby pins, rat-tail combs, clear elastics, and other hair care supplies tragically missing from my repertoire. You see, […] […]

L’Occitane’s Aromachologie Repairing Mask Helps Keep Frizzy Hair At Bay

By Sheila Arkee I don’t know about you, but I have a love/loathe relationship with Fall. On one hand, it’s really one of my favorite times of the year — Fall is the season for harvests, pumpkin-flavored everything, endless supplies of candy, and in my case, it’s also the time of year when my skin, […] […]

Weave Master Dontay Savoy Shares Hair Styling Secrets

By Sheila Arkee Growing up in Compton, CA, celebrity hairstylist Dontay Savoy was sure he’d end up in a career in robotics or working with computers. Never did the thought of working in the hair industry cross his mind, but after figuring out college wasn’t for him, a stint at beauty school led him to […] […]

Let’s Hear It For Curly Haired Heroines!

By Sheila Arkee Going to the movies is a rare event but I actually had the chance to see the latest Disney film, Brave, this week. First of all, what an absolutely beautifully produced movie – the animation blew my mind. I remember when Aladdin was released I was amazed by the quality and now, twenty […] […]

Flat Hair In A Flash With NuMe’s Fashionista

By Sheila Arkee Over the course of this blog I think it has been well-established that I have a ton of crazy curls on my head. Tons. Although my hair is fine, I do have a lot of volume, and it takes very special implements to be able to manage these corkscrews.  I could pay my […] […]