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Strobing 101: How To Glow Like A Pro With Palladio The Definer

When it comes to makeup trends of the day, there’s no doubt that strobing has caught the attention of the beauty world en masse. It was even featured on Good Morning America recently! If you’re not quite sure what strobing really is, I’m here to help with a Strobing 101 makeup tutorial which will have […] […]

My Top 6 Summer Beauty Product Must Haves

Now that it’s officially Summer, it feels like the heat was turned on and then some! I have to admit there are a few beauty products I am ever so grateful for during the hot, muggy months. Here are my top 6 Summer beauty product must haves that are getting me through this heat! 1. […] […]

5 Amazing Beauty Gifts For The Makeup Lover In Your Life

Ever wondered what kind of present to give to the makeup obsessed individuals in your life? Or yourself, for that matter? After doing some searching around the Internet, I came across some products that are super adorable and sure to be loved by any makeup loving friend. Here are my picks for 5 amazing beauty […] […]

3 Must Have Products For Summer Smooth Feet

It’s that sandal season time of the year again, which means it’s time to get serious about having presentable feet! It’s easy to get your act together with my 3 must have products for Summer smooth feet. They will make a big difference in your feet! For smooth soles, seek these three feet savers on […] […]

How To Use Red Lipstick To Cover Under Eye Circles

Red lipstick is a very versatile makeup item. Besides it’s obvious application, it can be used to help cover up under eye darkness. Yes, it’s true! And easier than you’d think. I’m going to show you how to use red lipstick to cover under eye circles in a few simple steps. I first learned about […] […]

How To Wear Colorful Eyeliner

When it comes to the matter of eyeliner, do you have a few colorful shades in your collection that might not see the light of day so often? It happens. Liners that aren’t black, brown, or grey can seem a bit intimidating! With that in mind, I came up with an easy guide showing you […] […]

4 Ways To Use The MAC Pro Conceal & Correct Palette

As a makeup artist, former MAC employee, and general makeup lover, I have to say that the MAC Cosmetics Pro Conceal & Correct Palette is one of the best products MAC has ever released. I like it so much I came up with a tutorial showing you 4 Ways To Use The MAC Pro Conceal […] […]

What’s The Difference Between A Tapered Blending Brush & A Blending Brush?

I blend, therefore I am a beauty blogger. Blending brushes make my eyeshadow world go round and I’m always thrilled when a new one enters my life. Most recently, the Bdellium Green Bambu 785 Tapered Blending Brush became a part of my makeup tool belt. If you haven’t heard about Bdellium brushes (pronounced DEE-lium), they […] […]

How To Apply Foundation In Six Steps

When I was asked how to use a buffing brush recently, I thought it was a great opportunity to go back to the basicss of makeup to show you how to apply foundation. I even put together a video showing you the step-by-step fundamentals! Step 1: I start off with a clean face that’s been […] […]

DIY Beauty With Epsom Salt

One of the best beauty investments you can make is a simple $5 bag of Epsom Salt. It will change your beauty life!  DIY beauty with Epsom Salt is easy and there are so many great treatments you can make to treat yourself at home. I’m all about DIY beauty treatments, and as a busy […] […]