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4 Step Eyeshadow Tutorial

By Sheila Arkee It’s round about near that festive time of the year. You know, when pumpkins, spices, and all things sugary and sweet emerge and everyone’s makeup game goes up another level. We’re in funky Halloween and Holiday smoky eyeshadow territory, y’all! In honor of this impending season, I thought I’d create an easy [...] [...]

2 Minute Beauty Clinic: How To Conceal & Brighten Your Under Eye Area

By Sheila Arkee As a mom with an active child and a busy schedule, I take a lot of concern over the state of my under eye area. I’ve been using a new technique to make sure my under eye area is properly camouflaged for the past year or so, and thought I’d put together [...] [...]

2 Minute Beauty Clinic: Brushes For Contouring and Highlighting

By Sheila Arkee It’s been time for a new 2 Minute Beauty Clinic and so I thought I’d tackle the ever so popular topic of contouring and highlighting, but in a new way. Here is a look at how the most commonly used brushes for contouring and highlighting in my makeup kit, along with a [...] [...]

The Top 5 Posts On Painted Ladies

By Sheila Arkee August is a very important month around these here parts – Painted Ladies is 5 years old!!!! Hooray! In honor of this special occasion, I’ve put together a video with the top 5 posts on Painted Ladies. Like, ever. This video also contains my Glamour Shots photo from high school and an [...] [...]

Milani Bella Eyes Eyeshadow Tutorial

By Sheila Arkee The new Milani Bella Eyes Eyeshadows have managed to capture the attention and hearts of the blogging community and makeup lovers everywhere. These really are great shadows and I’ve been having a lot of fun working with them. I’ve created a YouTube Milani Bella Eyes Eyeshadow Tutorial showing you how I combine [...] [...]

How To Remove False Lashes

By Sheila Arkee After posting last week’s false lash application tutorial, I received a few questions wanting to know how to remove the lashes without harming one’s own lashes. That’s a good question! As you’ll see in this short, easy video, it’s a piece of cake. Just use a q-tip dipped in an eye makeup [...] [...]

How To Apply False Lashes

By Sheila Arkee Figuring out how to apply false lashes is something that can feel nothing short of terrifying. If you’re scared, don’t be! It’s an easy technique to learn, and with my easy application trick you’ll be batting some lush lashes in no time. I promise! When Painted Ladies was brand, spanking new, I [...] [...]

My Top 9 Favorite Makeup Brushes

By Sheila Arkee Although I own approximately 1,000,924 makeup brushes, there are a solid 9 I reach for on a consistent basis.   These are the work horses of my life as a beauty blogger, the brushes that have seen me through application after application, always staying true and not shedding or breaking after being [...] [...]

Top 9 Hot Weather Beauty Solutions

By Sheila Arkee It’s the middle of May and the temperatures are wildly varying throughout the USA. In some parts of the country it’s bitterly cold, while in Southern California we are experiencing outrageous heat that’s topped off with added warmth from neighboring wildfires. In short, it’s hot, yo! While there are many who adore [...] [...]

Introducing The BFTE Cosmetics Coffee Collection v.2

By Sheila Arkee Mineral makeup fans rejoice – BFTE Cosmetics is back! As of May 1, 2014, the online shop will be back in action under brand new ownership. The new owner happens to be Kimberly, a fellow beauty blogger, and may I just say it is absolutely awesome that a beauty blogger is taking [...] [...]