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Burt’s Bees Sensitive Skin (Moisturizer and Cleanser)

By Ashlee Coogan

So, as I’ve shared before, I like to think of my skin as invincible and have the luxury of being able to put most anything on it without getting a negative reaction. When I was sent the Burt’s Bees products for sensitive skin, I was apprehensive at first, to say the least. Usually, when I’m purchasing products, I steer clear of the sensitive skin section, because in my mind they aren’t as potent as other products.

The first time I tried the cleanser, I don’t think I gave it ample choice. I used it in the morning to clean off minimal dirt/oil/ick off my face. It worked as well as I expected. But then came the “Oh my gosh, I have no facial cleanser in sight and I have a full face of make up on…How will I ever get it off?!” moment. Burt’s Bee’s was my only choice. Fearing that I would have to cleanse multiple times, I got to work. Well, I worried for nothing…Burt’s Bee’s Sensitive Skin Cleanser took my entire face of makeup off in one swipe. I was more than impressed.

With my fears about sensitive skin products soothed, I’ve been using the moisturizer religiously, at nighttime. I love the texture of the Daily Moisturizing Cream and even more I love the pump dispenser, which dispenses the perfect amount each time, without me having to reach my hands into a jar and contaminate everything (I’m a little OCD…). My one and only issue with the moisturizer is that it doesn’t have an SPF for the day time (I know, I know…I’m getting a little nit picky), but using it at night feels wonderful! Not to mention, I could buy both products ($10 for the cleanser and $15 for the moisturizer), for the same price as my foundation! I think I’ve found winners!

*Products provided for consideration.

  • Jessica Allison

    I’m a buzz agent and got both of these to try also, and had an outlook much like yours: though I do have sensitive skin, I generally don’t use skincare designed just for sensitive skin because it’s so basic in terms of benefits. Putting that aside, I was still kind of meh on this line. Perhaps it’s a difference if skin types (mine’s dry/sensitive) and type if makeup, but I didn’t think the cleanser did a great job of removing all traces. I do totally agree about the moisturizer though- right down to the packaging. I haven’t continued to use it simply because I prefer moisturizers that include benefits like antioxidants and anti-aging, but for someone who wants the bare minimum- moisture and nothing else- this is a decent pick!

  • http://www.outinapout.com Jessica Allison

    Doh! Sorry about all of the “if”s instead of “of”s- blame my fat thumbs & a tiny iPhone keyboard; for some reason that always happens!

  • http://www.epinions.com/user-willow1584 Willow

    I’m also a BzzAgent and received these two products to try. I was thrilled to finally be able to try something new without spending the money, because goodness knows I’ve already spent a small fortune trying new products.

    I like the face cream more than the cleanser. The cleanser lacks in cleaning my oily skin, though the lack of irritation is very nice. My face never gets red, tight, or itchy after either product, which is a pleasant change.

    The face cream is so light and pleasant to use. There’s no SPF, but with how well it performs, I cannot complain.