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Broadway Nails-Nail Dress-Stick on Wraps

By Monika Cancilla

I’m pregnant. For that reason, I’ve been avoiding anything with fumes (and just stinky things in general). My nails, though, have been sad for months. I saw these stick-on wraps the other day and thought, what better time to try them? At about $6 why not?

As I lay in my pregnant lady pillow fortress last night I was happy that I finally found a way to do my nails in bed without asphyxiating myself or my husband. I followed all the directions, and my nails came out looking very chic. I was so excited to show them off the next day.

Right After Application

Come morning, the tips had already started peeling. Now, if you ask my husband, I’m a pretty active sleeper, but I don’t think that should result in tip wear. I tried to salvage the tips with a coat of clear polish, but to no avail. After my morning shower, one whole nail had just peeled itself off, and the others had started to follow it’s lead. Having OCD, I can’t walk around and just wait for my nail polish to peel off by itself throughout the day, so I just removed them all (not hard since they were all peeling off anyway) and chalked it up to just another bad product experience. One that YOU can learn from!

After 8 Hours of Sleep

After Shower

I don’t recommend this product. The stickers simply don’t stick, and can’t even last through 8 hours of me sleeping! In my opinion you may as well eat your $6.

  • http://joscafe.com Jolene

    FYI You blog post title says ‘Auto Draft’

    I wonder how the new Sally Hansen nail wraps would be?

  • admin

    Thanks, Jolene. There’s an issue with the version of WordPress we upgraded to, which is a big, huge bummer! I’m trying to find a solution, because it’s annoying!

  • Miss Boom

    I thought it was just a clever title! Was trying to figure that one out. Hee.

  • admin

    LOL!!! Maybe I’ll just go with that!!!!

  • Wendy

    Jolene, I reviewed the Sally Hansen wraps about a week ago, they’re fantastic.

    here ya go!

  • http://thevinylwordandothermusings.blogspot.com Deb

    That sucks that they didn’t last through the night. Congrats on your pregnancy.

  • Miss Boom

    Thanks Deb! Wendy, how did I not see that review?! I am totally getting some of the Sally Hansen glitter wraps!

  • Wendy

    Let me know how the glitter ones are.

  • Wendy

    By the way thanks for reviewing this, I was thisclose to buying it the other day!

  • http://broadwaynails.com Consumer Relations – Broadway Nails

    Hey Monika,
    I am representing Broadway nails and would like to apologize for any trouble you had with our product. It is super important to apply a clear top coat on top of your nail dress to ensure a much longer wear. Also check out our how-to video:(http://www.broadwaynails.com/how-to/#show)
    We would love to send you a replacement. You can email customerservice@kissusa. Be sure to include a link this post in the email for easy reference. Also provide your complete mailing address and a customer service representative will send this out to you immediately.
    Let us know what you think the second time around! We hope you will give us a second chance!

  • Miss Boom

    I did use a top coat. On the box it says “Apply topcoat for longer wear”. Nothing about it being “super important”.

  • Tiffany

    I would have to agree with Broadway nails(need topcoat), I am on day four with the silver wraps and I love them they still look at good as day one!! They have lasted much longer than the Sally Hansen version, I wash my hands about 20 times a day so I have been very impressed. The only problem I have come across is finding different designs, I have found the silver everywhere I have been but other than that not too much luck.

  • Corrin

    These look super cute from a distance but up close on the nail, they are wrinkly and weird! I used topcoat on mine and they started peeling the second day of wear! Ughh. There goes $6 down the drain. I would’ve shelled out the extra $4 and bought the Sally Hansen ones!

  • Jae

    Wish I’d seen this review before buying the nail wraps last night! They were $6 cheaper than the Sally Hansen ones (which I <3), so I thought I'd try them out. I did notice that most of the available designs are kind of tacky or teenage girlish, IMO, with Broadway & Kiss products though.

  • KAtyi

    I agree the glue on these nail wraps is about as strong as a post it note. I couldn’t get these to even stick to my nail before it was peeling. I have used several other brands with no problem they last for well over 1 week. This product I recommend you spend the extra money and buy the Sally ones
    I came believe I wasted my money on these non sticky nail wraps.

  • Jessica

    My husband bout me the kiss nail dress and I used them on my toes they came out really well already been on for a week i was going to put them on my nails but Im going to be getting my nails done didn’t want to wast them but the sally hansen ones are really good…and when you put them on your going to notice that there are like little air bubbles it comes with a file dont use the rough side of the file use the smooth side and very lightly smooth out the bubbles.