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Breaking Down Beauty

1940’s Glam Makeup Tutorial

Add Volume To Your Lashes With Loose Powder

Milk of Magnesia As A Skin Mattifier

Dry Brushing Your Skin

Brush Focus: The Flat Liner Brush

A Cut-Crease Shadow Tutorial

The Difference Between Blue vs. Yellow-Based Red Lipsticks

Steps To Eyeshadow Application

How To Perfect Your Eyeshadow Blend

Bargain Makeup Brushes

How To Apply Rhinestones With Spaghetti

How To Use Color Correcting Loose Powders

How To Fix Under Eye Smudges

How to Bleach Your Eyebrows

Brush Focus: Small Fluff Eyeshadow Brush

Brush Focus: The Fan Brush

How to Curl Your Lashes With a Spoon

Four Ways to Use a Green Lip Color

Tone Down a Bright Blush

Working The Crease

How to Contour Your Nose

How to Press Loose Pigments

Wedding Day Essentials

What’s The Point of Mascara Primer?

How To Make Makeup Last

A Liquid Liner Primer

Airbrushing Foundation … An In-Depth Tutorial

How To Take Beauty Product Photos

How To Highlight Your Face

Essential Makeup Brushes

Foundation 101, Part 2

Foundation 101, Part 1

Eye Lining Options

An Ode to Olive Oil

Brush Focus: Mascara Fan Brushes

Brush Focus: The Flat Foundation Brush

Brush Focus: The Duo Fiber Foundation Brush

Brush Focus: Small Contour Brush

How to Apply Spray Foundation

How to Wear Orange Lipstick

The Anatomy of Eyeshadow Shapes

Choosing a Concealer

Curly Hair Care

 Brush Focus: Slanted Contour Brush

Covering Up a Tattoo

How to Apply Pigments

Creating a Flawless Face

The Aspirin Mask

Brush Focus: Bent Eyeliner Brush

At-Home Brow Grooming

Brush Focus: The Flat Definer Brush

Brush Focus: Small, Flat Shader Brushes

Brush Focus: Alternate Uses for the Angled Brush

Brush Focus: Different Uses & Surprises

Let’s Talk About Lips!

Glitter Eyeliner

The Pencil Brush

The Perfect Pink Lip  

Basic Lip Application

Popping Your Shadow

How to Apply Glitter

Excess Glitter Removal

Fixing Broken Powder Cosmetics

Pedicure Safety Tips

Covering Up A Blemish

Applying Concealer

The Perfect Nude Lip

The Taming of the Brows

DIY Facials

Concealer Placement

Smokey Eyes

Liquid Liner

Pencil Liner

Lining the Waterline




Heated Lash Curlers, Part 1

Heated Lash Curlers, Part 2

Curling Your Lashes

Blue Eyeshadow

Gel Eyeliner

Washing Your Brushes

Contouring and Highlighting, Part 1

Contouring and Highlighting, Part 2


The Beauty Blender

Apples of the Cheeks

Loose Powder Application

False Lashes, Part 1

False Lashes, Part 2

Basic Eyeshadow Application, Part 1

Basic Eyeshadow Application, Part 2

Applying Foundation