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Breaking Down Beauty: Ways To Use A Green Lip Tar

By Sheila Arkee

Recently, Painted Lady Wendy posed a good question – however does one use a green (or blue) Lip Tar? Lip Tars, by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, are heavily pigmented lip colors that pack a major dose of color. They’re basically pigment, peppermint oil, and a carrier, which is hemp oil.

Unusual lip colors are intimidating, for sure, but really, don’t be scared of buying and using them. As I explained in a post from a couple of years ago, green is basically a souped up gold tone on lips. And blue colors turn a gorgeous lavender color.

With intense bursts of color, as with Lip Tars, you can go one of two ways – use the colors full blast and just go with it, or mix them with a carrier to tone them down a bit. In the following examples, I’m using OCC Lip Tar in Lo-Fi, a light minty green.

1. By Itself

This could be the perfect costume party lip. Be fun, fresh, and different!

To apply the color, I used a clean angled brow brush, which is perfect for reaching into the corners of the lips.

2. A Highlight Color With Red Lips

Green happens to look amazing on top of red lip colors.

In this example, I’ve created a very light green gloss by mixing it with a very light pink gloss. Dabbed on my bottom lip, it really gives the red lips a golden glow. The fierce lip gloss is Make Up For Ever’s Lab Shine gloss in S26. 

3.  Caramel Lip Gloss

For these lips, I lined my lips with MAC’s Stripdown pencil and used the same gloss mixture I created for the red lips. You can’t see a trace  of green.

4. Become a Walking Art Installation

Your lips are mint chocolate chip ice cream. Work it.

*OCC and Make Up For Ever products provided for consideration.

  • Wendy

    Now it makes sense! Thanks for doing this.

  • http://www.retrodivasbeauty.com Meredith

    Great tips! People really don’t understand how to use the Lip Tars, and it took me awhile to get them figured out myself!

  • http://manycatsmanor.blogspot.com/ Laurie Brown

    Green is also dandy as an undercoat for the obnoxiously orange lipsticks that one comes by accidentally, as say, in a gift with purchase!

  • admin

    That’s a great idea, Laurie! Yes, Meredith, they do have a learning curve, but when you get the hang of Lip Tars they are awesome!

  • Carly Hall

    Regarding #4, ulta has these new Lip Tattoos, they have polka dots, rainbow, leopard, etc…kinda fun, but much more expensive than your take