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Breaking Down Beauty: The Flat Liner Brush

By Sheila Arkee


At first glance it might not seem like this particular brush would be useful for lining your eyes, however a flat  liner brush is a useful implement to keep in your brush roll.

Flat liner brushes are made by several makeup companies, this one happens to be a MAC brush I’ve had for several years, the 212 brush to be precise.  

These types of brushes all save the same purpose, which is to create a gorgeous swash of liner on your lids.  Most liekly to be made of synthetic fibers, the greatest advantage flat liner brushes have is that you have a lot more control over product placement as opposed to thinner brushes.

Flat brushes are fantastic when used with gel liners, and help you place your makeup exactly where you desire. You’ll find a flat liner brush to come in handy for several purposes, most of all for tightlining,

For pressing color on your upper lash line,

Creating a cat-eye effect with an easy flick,

And you can even use the edge of the brush to vary the thickness of your line.

And you can even use the brush to apply a cream base all over your lid.

Flat liner brushes are handy tools and a worthwhile investment.

What are your favorite liner brushes?

  • http://mellojoyproductions.blogspot.com/ Melody

    hehe you always look beautiful! love the reflection in your eye in the one pic

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    Ha ha! Thanks, girl!