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Breaking Down Beauty: Perfecting Your Eyeshadow Blend

By Sheila Arkee

When it comes down to properly blending your eyeshadow, you need two things: 1) patience, and 2) the proper tools. Not only does it take a while to master your technique, but it also takes a bit of time to make sure your shadow looks good when it’s on your lid.

There are two brushes I rely on to get the results I’m after. Everything, in my eye shadow world, must be properly blended, or else!

To apply the color to the outer corner of the lids, I use a compact blending brush like the one on the right-hand side of the photo. I’m majorly stuck on Target’s blending brush, which is the best $2 you will ever spend in your life!

Don’t feel like you have to glob on a bunch of shadow at once. The trick is to apply your shadows in layers. Dip the brush in the shadow, tap off any excess, and apply until you’ve acheived the pigment density you’re after.

This cheap, nifty brush does a great job of blending colors on its own,  but to eliminate any sharp edges and give a little extra something , I go over the entire eye with a clean, wider blending brush. The brush I’m using is MAC’s 224 brush.

For one of the very first Breaking Down Beauty’s I also discussed shadow application. You can look at the post (and accompanying video!) right on over here.