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Breaking Down Beauty: How to make your shadow go KABLAM!

By Sheila Arkee

The gals over at the Latest Beauty blog graciously asked me to guest blog for them, and I shared one of my favorite tricks for making the most out of your eyeshadow. Don’t think I wasn’t going to share it with you! Perish the thought!

I firmly believe that every person who uses eye shadow must include a primer or base under their color. It’s a must, and essential for their shadow to stay on your lids and not underneath your eyes, AKA my entire first two years of wearing makeup.  My favorite primers are MAC’s Paint Pots – they wear like steel and your shadow will not budge!

Here’s a little trick for you all … if you want to make your shadows REALLY stand out and get maximum impact from them, use a little cream shadow on top of the primer, before shadows.

When worn on their own, I am not a fan of cream shadows whatsoever.  Do not expect a cream shadow not to crease, and yes, Revlon, I am talking about you!  My favorite cream shadows are also by MAC, check out their Cream Color Bases.

However, if you keep the cream base localized right underneath the crease area, you are in luck. Avoid the crease AT ALL COSTS!

You don’t even have to use a cream base, you can even utilize your eyeliners to help give your shadows a boost by scribbling them on your eye and then blending with a brush or your finger.

See? In this example I’m wearing MAC’s Expensive Pink shadow on with just a primer. In the second photo, I’m wearing the same shadow with a coordinating cream base (MAC’s Virgin Isle) underneath. What a difference!

You can do so much with a cream base and a powder shadow, transforming them to totally unique colors that you customize as you wish. Now THAT’S empowering!

When it comes to cream shadows just remember these tricks:

  1. Always use your no-fail primer underneath.
  2. Do not under any circumstances get your cream shadow near the crease.
  3. You don’t need globs of product; just a small amount will do it.

Now, go have some fun with your makeup!

  • http://thiamere.blogspot.com thiamere

    instead of a cream shadow i just use chapstick..
    does the job too

    that shade is really so pretty!
    i should get that one

  • http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com SilhouetteScreams

    I love the Revlon cream shadows 😛 I use them every other day and they’ve not creased on me yet

  • Gini

    Perhaps I’ll take a second look at cream shadows now….my first experience was greasy, creasy crap! And actually, I do believe it may have been Revlon.

  • admin

    @thiamere – Chapstick is an awesome idea! Yes, you need Expensive Pink, it is one of my all time faves and goes with every eye color.
    @Sihouette – You’re lucky! I’ve never had luck with Revlon’s creams, as pretty as some of their colors are.
    @Gini – let us know how your second go round goes! Like I said, keep it far, far away from the crease.

  • Rebecca B.

    Is there a MAC Paint Pot that you would recommend for a total MAC newbie? :)



  • admin

    Bare Study – it is awesome.

  • Jean

    Okay! Gonna give my creams a second chance now! I have oily lids, and after what Gini calls “greasy, creasy crap” (exactly!) I gave up on ’em. Never would have thought to try this, so THANK YOU for this post!

  • http://viciousmakeup.blogspot.com Jill Vicious

    I have hooded lids. Near the crease or no, it can all end up in the crease whether I want it to or not.

    If I kept cream shadows as far away from the crease as possible, I may as well use them as liner!

    In all fairness, I haven’t tried cream shadows since I started using UDPP.

  • Sandra JT

    I’ve always blended my cream shadows up into & a little past my crease with no problems. They never crease. Then again, I always use primer first & powder shadow on top. That keeps everything in place all day & well into late night.