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Breaking Down Beauty: Bright Blush

By Sheila

Don’t be scared. Really. I mean it.

When it comes to options for wearing blush, one of the most frequent concerns I hear is this: “I don’t want to look like a clown.”

Understandable –  there are many colors to choose from and some of the brighter colors on the spectrum can seem a bit … intense.

However, as I learned from Kevyn Aucoin many a moon ago, bright blush done right is the best blush option. The trick is simple and involves lots of blending. If there’s anything I hope you’ve learned from Painted Ladies, it’s the importance of getting your blend on in all of your makeup endeavors – blend, blend, blend!

So, here we go. For this example I’m using MAC’s Magenta blush, which is, of course (sing it with me!) discontinued. However, you get the idea. I use a flat-topped brush to apply and a clean brush to blend.

Step 1: When I place my brush in the blush container, I tend to swish the brush around using a light touch. This particular blush has a lot of pigment, and the goal is to transfer as little of that pigment to your cheeks.

Step 2: Tap the brush on a tissue (or in my case, a piece of toilet paper) a few times to make sure you don’t start a clown makeover. Don’t  worry about removing all of the pigment from the brush, it won’t happen!

Step 3: Apply blush using a light hand.

Step 4: After applying, go in with a clean blush brush to blend, blend, blend the color into your cheeks.

And there ya have it .. . a really pretty flush that doesn’t resemble anything a clown would wear on their cheeks!

What are some of your favorite blush colors?

  • http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com SilhouetteScreams

    I’ve always wanted to wear hot pink blush, but since I always opt for dramatic eyes I never do. I use a peachy blush with gold shimmer most of the time instead :)