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Breaking Down Beauty: Applying Pigments

By Sheila Arkee

Winnie, one of our faithful readers, wanted to know how to apply pigments without experiencing a lot of color fall out. That’s a fantastic question!

Pigments can be intimidating – all that loose color! I rarely – if ever- experience fall out from any pigment and always do my eyeshadow after applying foundation/concealer/powder, which has hurt me on occasion, but generally I don’t have any problems.

Here’s the trick – use the cap of the pigments and treat the cap like it’s an ordinary eyeshadow.

I’m using a MAC pigment in these photos, but this applies to every single pigment in the cosmetics world. There is always a bit of color stuck to the cap, and it’s usually enough for a perfect application.

If there isn’t enough pigment on the cap, bring a bit of color from the well of the jar (the part right after the sifter) into the cap and press it in.

After getting the color onto your makeup brush, you’ll need to flick off the extra shadow, and this is something I do every single time I do eye makeup.

This is the extra shadow that was on the brush.

Here’s another trick – use a small piece of paper under your lid when you’re applying pigments – it’s guaranteed to catch any shadow fall out!


I hope you can see the piece of paper in the picture right above!

  • Winnie

    Thank you so much for sharing this awesome trick!! I am extremly touched by your prompt reply filled with informative tips. I can now go ahead and try experimenting with my very first pigments…. =D This post definately made my day. Kudos to you Sheila! =D =D

  • http://lifeandlensofbeauty.blogspot.com Jennifer

    very helpful tips! I was afraid of fallouts from pigments too! now I can try mine out :D! thanks for the help!

  • ninjagato

    There are some great youtube videos that show you how to actually press pigments as well.

  • http://thebeautyb.blogspot.com BeautyByBrittany

    Very useful info!! I will be trying the paper trick!

  • admin

    Thanks, gals! Yes, pressing the pigments is another great way to make sure there’s no fall out!

  • http://www.facebook.com/BleedingHeartBellydance Bleeding Heart

    Great website!

    Would you buy a pigment and then press it because you couldn’t find your shade in a press shadow?

    I like the pigments loose because I like to layer the colors over black to intensify the pigment color even more. I like the look of the purple layered over black. I used the l’oreal HiP black and it produces very rich color.