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Breaking Down Beauty: A Liquid Liner Primer

By Sheila Arkee

A devoted reader recently asked a good question about liquid liner – how much is too much for every day use?

The beautiful thing about liquid liner is that it is completely up to your taste. I, for one, wouldn’t flinch at wearing a smokey eye with winged liner to a parent-teacher conference (this is true), but there are always times when you want to keep your creativity in check, per se.

The great thing about makeup is that you can always start off with a basic look and enhance as needed. You can start with a light application and build up and add more as needed.

Liquid liner is not as flexible as pencil liners, meaning that it isn’t easy to smudge away the product after it has been applied. Once liquid liner is on, it’s on!

For a basic look, start with a thin application kept close to the lash line. I’m using black liquid liner in the photos, but for a little less drama, grey and brown liquid liners are great choices!

To up the ante a little bit, you can always go in and add a little more liner and “wing” out the liner at the ends.

If you want to go full out glam from the basic look, add some darker color to the outer corner of the lids, some shimmery shadow to the lid, and go all out with the liner, all applied on top of your basic look.

To get the shimmery shadow (MAC’s Tempting) to stick, I patted a bit of a cream base on top of the basic shadow, just like in this past tutorial.

Products Used: 

I used a discontinued MAC palette that came out with a Liza Minelli collection years ago (sooooooo fab), as well as MAC’s Tempting. I hate to pull a “ha ha, you can’t have it!” on you guys, so here are some comparable shades:

– The lightest bone shade – MAC Brule

– The pink = MAC Yogurt

– The light brown = MAC Cork

– The dark brown = MAC Mystery

 The liner is Hourglass Script Precision Liner in Jett, which I am still loving!  The mascara is MAC’s Opulash, which I used for the very first time. It’s still on the traditional mascara two week probation period, so we shall see how I like it then!

For an in-depth post at a variety of eye lining options, check out this past Breaking Down Beauty.

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And, as always, if you have a question for a future Breaking Down Beauty post, email me! paintedladies2009 (at) gmail (dot) com. I want to post some new tutorials, so get those questions flowing!!!! :)

*Hourglass provided for consideration.