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Breaking Down Beauty: Blue Eyeshadow

By Sheila

Blue eyeshadow is one of those things that seems to freak out a whole lot of people. I think it goes back to a deep-seated fear we all have of going around looking like this:

But fear not! I am here to show you a couple tricks I’ve picked up along the way that make blue eyeshadow more accessible to us regular folks.

Here’s what you need to know before we get started. There are two very important things you must remember:



As far as placing the placement, the trick is to keep the blue localized to the lid, and make sure it doesn’t go beyond the crease. You’ll see in just a bit.

Now, as far as color choice goes, remember that blue eyeshadow comes in many shades, ranging from electric turquoise to softer, muted shades that suggest  a gorgeous summer sky. For this example, I’m using a color that is more suggestive of the latter, than the former.

Cast of Characters:

Coastal Scents 88 Palette

MAC Bare Study Paint Pot (not pictured)

Fluffy eyeshadow brush/MAC #224 brush

Flat eyeshadow brush/MAC #242 brush

MAC’s Phone Number Eye Kohl, or liner of your choice

Mascara of your choice (not pictured)

Step One: As usual with all of my eyeshadow applications, I start of with a wash of MAC’s Bare Study Paint Pot all over the lids.

Step Two: I’m using this medium shade of blue right over here as my main color. It’s a very “friendly” choice that would look good on all skin types, and it’s not too overpowering for day time.

I load up the flat brush with color by patting my brush on the color. These little mounds of color are packed with pigment, so you don’t have to load up a ton of color.

Step Three: Pat, pat, pat that color on to your lid. Pat away! I’m all about the patting as far as you lid color goes, because this way you really get the full impact of the color.

Remember! Keep the color ON the lid. Don’t go beyond your crease!

Step Four: Take your fluffly brush, dip ever so lightly into a soft brown shade, and blend into the crease. I used window washer motions to make sure I was really blending the heck out of the shadow. See?

Step Five: No brow highlight, because this is already a lot of color, but if you feel like you want more flash, go for it. 

Step Six: Using my MAC Phone Number Kohl, I lined my rims and added a bit of it to the outer corners of my eyes.

Step Seven: Add mascara, and there ya’ have it!

Now, because I am always tempted by the colors in that Coastal Scents palette and because I realized it had been a long while since I’d pulled out all the stops with my shadow, I added a bit more color and contouring …

… and ended up with this …

… and then went to pick up my son from school.

Ah, what a wicked, wild life I lead!!!!

Do you ever pull out your fanciest makeup tricks for everyday activities?

  • http://stores.ebay.com/rubysbeauty Lisa

    That looks gorgeous! and like something anybody could wear as easily as a smokey eye! I will have to try blue again. I have blue eyes so I kind of thought I couldn’t wear blue eyeshadow, but maybe I can.

  • Leticia

    That is so flattering on you!

  • http://viciousmakeup.blogspot.com Jill Vicious

    I have a pretty liberal job setting. I don’t really worry about “fancier” makeup at the office.

  • http://jeanrosebrock.tumblr.com Jean

    Oh, yes. Like you say, I believe in makeup whenever you want, however you want … primping (for no reason than to go to the farmers market) and overdressing.

    Makes me feel pretty!

  • admin

    Meeeee, too! When my son was an infant and I was in MAJOR mom mode (and before this blog!), I had to remind myself to take some time for primping. It is SO important!