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Bleached Brows: An Update

By Sheila

Painted Ladies reader Melissa left a comment yesterday that reminded me to update you all on the progress of my brows, which I bleached for the first time ever about six weeks ago.

 Brow bleaching is an easy technique used by many to open up the eyes and brighten up the face. I was thrilled with the results … not orange-y as I’d feared, just a really flattering brown that popped my eyes in just the right way.

The only thing you have to be careful of are the growbacks that happen away from the bleached area … you have to stay on top of those or else you’ll end up with a most unflattering look!

It was a great way to change up my usual routine and the best part is that I didn’t have to worry about touch ups for … well, up until about now. Here’s what my brows looked like yesterday:

If anything, the grow back period was subtle. I didn’t notice a sudden transition from lighter to darker, just a transition over time to where I realized I should probably bleach again.

So, here we go — here’s the cream bleach I used, by Sally Hansen. It comes with the cream bleach, an activator, a palette and a spatula to mix everything together. The only thing that bothers me is that you can’t really tell if you’re measuring the right way. The instruction talks about heaps and piles, and how are we to know if our heaps and piles are the same as theirs?

I eyeballed the portion sizes and mixed away on the palette – it just takes a few seconds.


Applied to brows … make sure you really get the bleach in to your brows. I used my index finger to really rub the bleach into the brows so every hair was coated. Attention all future gentleman callers – this is what I really look like:

After eight minutes, as instructed, I checked to see if the bleach had taken. Important note: do not throw out the left over bleach, you might need it later on to touch up.

In my case, I the bleach was still working its magic, so I let it stay on for about 4 more minutes, checking ever 2 minutes.

Here’s my brows right afterwards, no makeup:

The re-bleaching process went really well, and I don’t see any brassiness. Here’s my brows with  makeup, and I filled in the brows with MAC’s Brow Set in Lingering, a taupe color that is perfect for these new brows.

One day soon I’ll have to show you how I grew back my eyebrows and rescued them from a lifetime of being pencil thin. True story, and the reason why certain areas of my brows are always going to be patchy – they’re not going to grow back, and that’s fine with me!

So, what I wanna know is… did any of you bleach your brows after my initial post? How’d it turn out for you?  

  • Melissa

    Thanks, Sheila!!! I really appreciate the update – I am feeling braver about mine now.

  • Miss Boom

    It looks really nice! Very soft looking.

  • http://mypersiankitchen.com/ My Persian Kitchen

    Oh my God you are such a riot!!! I love the picture with the bleach on your eyebrows!!! LOL! Your eyebrows look really nice!

  • admin

    It’s like Frida Kahlo … but in white. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!