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Ask an Artist

Welcome to the first of a regular feature we’ll have here on Painted Ladies, where we ask professional makeup artists our questions and get up-to-date information on the happenings in the beauty industry.

First on our list of makeup artists is Nicole Valentine, a Los Angeles, CA-based hair stylist and makeup artist. Nicole has worked in the beauty industry for over a decade and boasts an impressive celebrity client roster that includes Cher, Shannon Tweed, Mena Suvari, and Olympia Dukakis.  

Nicole continues to pursue creative ventures and is currently in the middle of creating her own cosmetics and skincare line, as well as working with photographers on a regular basis. Nicole took some time this week to answer some of our burning makeup-related questions.


PL: What is your makeup philosophy?
N: I think makeup has one main purpose — to make you feel better about yourself. Whether it is to just add some concealer to have a more flawless face, or to shade and contour yourself into another person. It can also brighten up your mood with some fun shadows, or make you feel sexy with a smoky eye. Makeup can always change the way you feel about yourself.

PL: How do you effectively cover a really red blemish?
N: I use MAC Studio Finish Concealer and just tap it on the spot. It will cover ANYTHING! Also, you can use a cover-up with a green tint as a base to take out some of the red, and even add a touch of a pale green shadow if you don’t have a green-based cover up.

PL: Any tips for making eyes look bigger?
N: The best way to make eyes look better is proper shading and contouring. If someone has small lids, you can shade above their crease to create the illusion of a bigger eyelid. You can also bring the eye shadow out from the eye to elongate the eye shape.

PL: How do you contour your nose to make it look slimmer?
N: If you want to make your nose look slimmer, you use a lighter color down the center to brighten it up and then use a darker color to take the emphasis off the sides. I would use a small blush brush, like the #168 from MAC. Apply the darker color, maybe even a matte bronzer in a downward motion on the side of your nose, and then take a step back from the mirror to judge how much more you need. Remember lighter colors give more emphasis on an area and darker colors take away emphasis.

One bonus tip from Nicole:
For a summer-time glowy skin look, rub a dab of Vaseline in between your fingers and pat it gently on the apples of your cheek after your makeup is done and blush is applied. It will give you that healthy, glowy look all day.




Thank you so very much, Nicole!

Learn more about Nicole and view her portfolio at her website: www.nikkivbeverlyhills.com

 If you have a question for a professional makeup artist for a future “Ask the Artist”, email us at paintedladies2009@gmail.com