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Anniversary Contest #4 – Too Much Cuteness!

By Sheila Arkee

Ok, this is the contest that I was the most tempted to keep for myself!!!! The winnings are just too cute to handle.

For today’s contest, I have the most adorable Harajuku Lover’s makeup bag AND an adorable leopard-printed Z Palette. Both of these are so useful and will help you organize your cosmetics in style!

Here’s how to enter – leave a comment and tell me what  you would like to see me cover in future Breaking Down Beauty posts. The lucky winner will be announced on Thursday, August 26th.

As usual, good luck!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Joydreamer Heather

    I would love to see how to choose the best cheek colors for your skintone :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/tousledkitten tousledkitten

    I love reviews. :-)

  • Silvia

    I would like to see how to apply the eyeshadows when you use more than two colors.

  • Halifax

    I’d like to see application technique for cream blushes

  • Jenny H

    EYEBROWS…….the best products and ways to trim, fill, shape etc. That would be awesome!

  • Laura

    I would like to see a bridal tutorial.

  • http://www.birthmovements.webs.net Shari

    Everyone has such great ideas! I never know how much makeup is too much. I barely use any- so maybe a basic start to finish anytime look.

  • heather t

    I second eyebrows, I always struggle with them;)

  • http://jewelsandsheendrops.blogspot.com Anna

    I’d love to see blending techniques!!

  • T.R.

    I’ll have to second Anna on the blending techniques and putting together eyeshadow colors or the infamous color wheel. :O)

  • g

    I would love to see ‘how to apply blushes without looking like a clown.’ Cream and powder.

  • http://liptontee.blogspot.com Tee

    I would love to see a breakdown of MAC’s foundations and it’s colors.

  • effulgent

    I agree with everyone who asked for a brow tutorial!

  • Chiisai

    I’d love to see something about applying blush :)

  • http://maryinwonder.blogspot.com/ maryinwonder

    erm…dunno….maybe face shaping tricks? where to place blush and how, and how it affects the overall look?

  • Freya

    I agree that blending techniques would be very useful to know more about.

  • http://cucumpear.blogspot.com/ CucumPear

    I’d like to see more explanatory posts about brush types, some still baffle me.

  • http://www.walkingoutloud.blogspot.com QuirkyGirl

    The perfect smoky eye for brown eyes. I want them to look like chocolate drops :)

  • Lyudmila

    I want to see a photo how correctly to impose blush

  • http://mypersiankitchen.com/ My Persian Kitchen

    maybe tips on how to get a nice smoooooth skin!

  • http://viciousmakeup.blogspot.com Jill Vicious

    Different types of makeup removers, and your favourites.

  • http://thiamere.blogspot.com thiamere

    i love your breaking down beauty posts..i may not be able to leave comment every now & then but believe me when i say that i check each of them..i especially love the eyeliner one

    so more breaking down beauty posts please!

  • Tatyana

    A little more diversity techniques.

  • Ladybug

    Lower eyeliner and water line application please!

  • Galen

    Applying bright/colourful eye makeup – colour choice, placement and application/blending so it looks dramatic not clown like! :)