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And the Winner Is…..Golden Globes Hair and Makeup Review

By Kate 

Forget Super Bowl Sunday.  Golden Globe Sunday, Oscar Sunday, heck, “Award Show Season” is my time to cozy up on the couch with some snacks and yell at the Television.  “Why did she wear that?!  Who did that hairdo?!”  It gets intense.  While engulfing myself in a haze of organza, chiffon, faux lashes, and borrowed jewels, I take note of looks that are or are NOT working (just call me Kate Rivers). Now, after years of keeping my critiques to myself, I get to impart my views with the Painted Ladies!  Here are a few of my favorite hair and makeup looks from yesterday’s Golden Globe Awards.

Courtesy of Justjared.buzznet.com

Sandra Bullock– Sandra’s gently pinned waves walk the line of free flowing and disheveled flawlessly.  The side part is perfectly placed so there is no hair in her eyes,  and the balance is not placed too heavily on one side, which makes for a great picture from any angle.  I love the contrast in the makeup with pale lavender lids and violet shadow rimming the under eye.  With such a bold colored dress, Sandra had the right idea to keep makeup light and soft.

Courtesy of Justjared.buzznet.com

Zoe Saldana- This is a great example of how to match your makeup with the color of your dress without being too literal.  Zoe’s monochromatic raspberry look is great for winter, and looks beautiful with her skin tone.  The dark winged liner defines her eyes and inhibits her burgundy shadow to increase any redness in the whites of her eyes.  Gentle shoulder-length curls?  It’s chic, understated, and excellent for a strapless gown.

Courtesy of Justjared.buzznet.com

Christina Hendricks- I love when someone embraces their porcelain skin and knows exactly how to accentuate their features.  Christina’s lip color isn’t too pink-red, blue-red, or orange-red.  It’s coral-pink-red, very unique and very flattering for her cool toned skin. Without much eye makeup, the white eyeliner in the waterline keeps her eyes looking refreshed.  As for her hair, the subtle upturned flip says 1950’s glamour, while the sideswept bang keeps it modern.

Courtesy of Justjared.buzznet.com

Anna Kendrick- I am all about newcomer Anna Kendrick’s Ice Queen makeup.  Silver eyes and shimmery pale pink lips brighten her face without overpowering her delicate features.  At 24, the light makeup is age appropriate, a charcoal eye and dark lipstick might have aged her.  This is a prime example of wearing your hair back without it looking too severe.  The key word is back, not up.  Anna’s hair looks youthful and romantic with a few face-framing curls.  Keeping the rest of the hair neatly pinned downward prevents hair from looking like a prom do’ circa 1998.

Those are my four favorite red carpet looks.  If you haven’t already noticed, the reoccurring theme for all my winners is light, fresh, and natural!  Super stiff ringlets, teased French twists, and over styled bangs can severely date your overall appearance.  Hair and makeup should compliment the dress, not compete! 

But enough of me… Who was your favorite?