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Anastasia Hypercolor Brow & Hair Powder Makes Having Bright Eyes and Hair Easy

By Sheila Arkee

About eight years ago I made the decision to do something drastic. Well, for me anyway. Growing up quite a little nerd, I never really ventured out from my routine. Besides growing out relaxers, bangs, and misguided banana yellow highlights, my hair had always pretty much been the same.  And then one day, this happened!

I sported fire engine red panels in my hair for about two years (I like my consistency!) until I got tired and then went to more natural blonde highlights for another few years. Since my son was born over 5 years ago my hair has been my natural color, and although I admire those with brightly colored tresses, permanent bright color changes are just not in my near future. That doesn’t mean I don’t pine for bursts of fun color every now and then, and that is why Anastasia Beverly Hills Hypercolor Brow and Hair Powders are my new favorite things!


I am positively smitten with these intensely pigmented powders that retail for $12.50, which is a small price to pay to be able to have fun with your hair, brows, and eyes that is easy to apply and wash out.  Hypercolor powders are not chalk, believe it or not! They are powders formulated with talc, kaolin, and a high amount of pigments for maximum payoff. The best part about all of these shades is that besides using them in your hair or brows, you can use them as eye shadow, except for the pink shade which is not safe for the eye area.


Aren’t these colors right up my alley? From left to right, the colors are: Mega Watt Green, Electric Blue, Teal Tornado, In the Pink, and Ultra Violet.


As you can see, these powders are no joke! They are extremely rich  and even if you just use them on your eyes, you’re in business.



To use the colors on your brows, prep your brows with a light application of a brow way – I used a lip balm and it turned out great! You can set with an application of a clear brow gel, or Anastasia’s Lash Genius.


Although it’s recommended to prep your hair with a light application of glossing cream, styling wax or leave- in conditioner, I applied on my regularly styled hair and did not have a problem. Separate your hair into sections, sandwich the powder between your fingers or a makeup sponge, and pull down through your hair.

DSC_0690Finish off with a layer of hairspray, and you’re set!


Be careful with your wardrobe when applying these powders – things can get messy, so wear an old top or have a towel draped around your shoulders and plastic gloves if you’re worried about staining your hands. The staying powder of these colors is impressive, and lasted through a gym workout. The true test? I collapsed in bed without washing my hair, and the colors were still going strong in the morning.


As a mom who needs a little fun every now and then without having to commit to regular touch-ups, Anastasia Hypercolor Brow & Hair Powder is the perfect choice for adding bright color to my hair, brows, and eyes. I am all over these powders, and thrilled that my dream of having a streak of pink hair every now and then is easy!

You can find Hypercolor at Anastasia’s website and online and in stores at Ulta.

*Provided for consideration. Opinions are my own. 

  • Jean

    I absolutely thought I couldn’t love your blog any more than I already did – and then THIS!! Amazing. Divine. It’s posts like this that make me a follower- I read your blog DAILY without fail.

  • Wendy

    I have always wanted blue stripes in my hair- but never have because anything temporary doesn’t show up against my dark hair. If it shows up on you it’ll definitely show up on me!

  • jessica

    Wow! I love your hair! Can’t wait till my hair grows out a bit more, these are def on my must try list.

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    Jean – thank you for being such an awesome and devoted reader – I truly value your feedback!

    Ladies, these really are great – seriously a much needed product!

  • http://www.libbyspinkvanity.com Kimberly

    Did these stain your pillow? And, did it stain your hair after you washed it? I love the look on you!

  • http://makeupmew.com Sue Lin

    These colors are fun! I imagine they will be great for festive events.

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    No stains on my pillow or hair to report!

  • Jean

    EXACTLY what Wendy said!

  • http://www.swatchandlearn.com Swatch And Learn

    I’m loving this colourful-hair trend, and I’ve been wanting to try the blue, green, and pink!

    Thanks for this great review. I’m so happy to see that they show up well on even dark hair and that they shampoo right out. I’ll have to try them soon!