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Achieve At-Home Brow Perfection With Billion Dollar Brows Brow Buddy Shaping Kit

By Sheila Arkee

After I grew my brows back from a place of near nakedness, I made sure to have my brows shaped on a regular basis. After my history, I did not trust myself anywhere near a tweezer for years but eventually became more comfortable tackling brow maintenance on my own. It can seem like an intimidating task but Billion Dollar Brows has made DIY shaping a lot easier with their patented Brow Buddy Shaping Kit.

An ingenious device, the Brow Buddy takes all the guess work out of brow shaping. Using their placement guide and a white liner pencil, you can sketch out exactly how your brows should look.

The Brow Buddy is a ruler that you line up with your eyes; the directions might seem a bit complicated at first, but it’s actually easy to use.

Following your natural anatomy, you place a line at the edge of your nose, in the middle of your eye and at the outer corner of your eyes helping to figure out exactly where to start, stop and arch your brows.

As brow experts say, your brows should be sisters and not twins, and this makes brow sisterhood perfectly achievable.


You can find the Brow Buddy Shaping Kit online for $19.95 at Billion Dollar Brows. The kit is so popular that it’s currently backordered, but will be in stock shortly – I’ll make sure to let you know!

*Provided for consideration, opinions are my own.

  • http://www.kwillis.com Katherine Willis

    Where has this been all my life??? After a few brow mishaps (once hot wax removing half of my right brow), this is now at the top of my wish list.

    Now, if only I could find a decent lip stencil (asymmetrical lips make it almost impossible for me to achieve a pretty red lip).

  • http://lolassecretbeautyblog.blogspot.com lola

    Wow, this is ingenious! I think I might have to buy this!! Thanks for the excellent review!

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    aack, Katherine! I feel you on the brow mishaps! And on the lip stencils, as well – that could be a million dollar idea for someone.

  • http://cosmetically-challenged.com Melody

    Wow!!! I NEED one of these, as I only do my bows at home and never go to a salon

  • http://www.libbyspinkvanity.com Kimberly

    I think I’m going to get this in my Christmas Stocking!! Ingenious!

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    I’ll make sure to update when its back in stock!