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Megan’s Beauty Truths

By Megan Murray Upon my 36th year, I wished to impart the wisdom I have learned upon the younger generation. I sat down to write a missive on the truths of life, self, and the world around us. Unfortunately, I have an absolute inability to be serious for more than 25.4 seconds. 1.) The likelihood […] […]

Get Fit! Megan’s Story

By Megan Murray Yeah, I am fat. Yes, I am arthritic. Yes, I need to lose weight. Yes, 4 years ago I was a size 6. Yes, I gained it all back NO FREAKING WAY am I telling you my weight or my measurements…lol. I now have some good reasons to lose weight: a wedding […] […]

Megan’s Glitter-O-Rama ’10!

By Megan Murray So last year I told you all that my glitter years were coming to a close and I was going to lose 35lbs. Neither of those stuck, so here I am with the first of four reviews on the great glittery holiday items. It is the holiday season, the time when all […] […]

Megan Meets Dustin Hunter

By Megan Murray I could go on a tangent about Dustin Hunter and how truly awesome he is. Fortunately for you he made this music video entitled “Chicken at M*A*C” so you can better understand my love for this YouTube celebrity.  Ok…I am going to warn you, you will sing this alllllllll day. Dustin Hunter, […] […]

Maven: All About Megan

Megan Murray  is a wife, mother, and all around great thinker of her time. She attributes her success to ADD and a healthy dose of Dunkin Donuts coffee. She admits that she is quite tilted, but lucky for you she is amusing. She has worked for various cosmetic companies, buys too much ” as seen […] […]

Glam Fail

By Megan Murray I wish I could adequately explain some of my beauty purchases.  I really wish I could understand what compels me to buy my fourth baby pink lip-gloss in as many weeks.  I wish I knew what drove me to abandon all common sense and try Sally Hanson Nail strips just one more […] […]

Get Excited for the Latest Fall…Oh, Who am I Kidding? I am Tired and So I are You

By Megan Murray I want to start this blog with this: Yes we are tired, but there are a lot of people in a world of pain and mess. Please donate to the Red Cross and help NY and NJ.  For a multitude of reasons, I am willing to bet a lot of our Painted […] […]

Uncomfortable Beauty

By Megan Murray Recently, a friend of mine put this link up on her FB page.  For those who don’t want to go through the website due to personal beliefs or if you don’t want to scratch your head until it bleeds, I will give you the quick and dirty.  Someone, posted a picture of […] […]

Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation Is A Surprising Drugstore Win

By Sheila Arkee When Megan Murray speaks, I listen, specifically when it comes to her makeup recommendations. Having known Megan as a fellow beauty obsessed individual for going on ten years, I’ve found that she has a knack for discovering some great, under appreciated products – she introduced me to Fyrinnae, Sweet Libertine, and so […] […]

Heaven is Good Eyebrows

By Megan Murray The online beauty community has spawned some really awesome advancements in personal care.  We have elevated small e-tailers to rockstar status, we have created new beauty guru’s, and we have learned to do a lot on our own. Sure, with the economic crash luxury is no longer in the hands of the […] […]