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5 Ways to Know If You’re A Total Product Junkie

By Michelle Howard

This is a small sampling-most purchased this week.

So I have been recently taking stock of all the beauty products I have and I was astonished. I have a serious condition called “Buy-It-If-Someone-Else-Says-Its-Great-Itis”

Yes, it is a serious condition. It started with my skin care products but I’ve scaled back now that I have my own skin care line. So, what do I move on to? I’ve moved on to hair care product hoarding!

I’m naturally curly but have always straightened my hair. Now that I’m embracing the natural me I can’t get enough of conditioners and creams! Every time I read/hear about a hair product that I have not tried before, I run out and buy it.

Well, one thing about having this special “condition” is you tend to be able to recognize the symptoms in others. Check out these 5 symptoms to see if you may be a product junkie:

1. You cash in on every offer to review a hair or skin care product, even when you know you won’t get around to using it until next season.

 2. You have more product lines than you can try in a month – even if you used one every day.

 3. You have a bunch of half used bottles of beauty products and continue to buy more.

 4. Many of your beauty products are expired but you either keep them anyway or…”Beauty products expire?”

 5. Whenever the next big beauty “thing” is released, you have yours before the stores do.

Yes, being addicted to buying beauty products is real. How about you? Do you need deliverance?

  • ShannoninBC

    OMG…is there a 12 step program for us?! Uh, my name is Shannon and I’m a addict…to MAC, and Chanel, Nars and Urban Decay…LOL

  • admin

    Shannon – we might need to start one!

  • http://radiant-brown-beauty.com Michelle

    I hadn’t realized this posted yet. LOL I agree. We should start a 12 step.

    By the way, do you know what stores Urban Decay is available in? Is it in Sephora?

  • Jamie

    Yes, a 12 step please.

    I’ve known I have a hoarding problem with this for years. I have managed to get better control of it but sometimes I have to use products multiple times per day just to get them used up.

    For example, I will apply lotion three times per day, or I will apply 5 different moisturizers and creams to my face throughout the day. I don’t wash my face that many times a day, but I layer the products according to consistency of the product.