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40/365 Days of Eyeshadow

By Sheila Arkee

I was scrambling around my makeup and found an Aziza palette I purchased as part of my 99 Cent Only store challenge a while back. The colors are so pretty in the pan, and so I wanted to try them to see if they were truly up to snuff.

The results? Not half bad. Very soft, and not as pigmented as I would have liked, though. I had to really dig in there with my brush to pick up some color, and I ended up wetting my brush to get some lid color going. 

Base: L’Oreal Studio Secrets No. 1

Lid, Crease, Browbone: From Aziza palette

Liner: Stila Smudgepot in Brown

Brows: Stila Dark brow duo, darker shade

Mascara: Dior Show