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4 New Nail Care Favorites

By Sheila Arkee

One of my resolutions/goals for 2013 was to step outside of my “usual” in every area of my life. It feels like a little change is necessary, so I’ve been ordering a different coffee, changing my driving routes, and trying new routines. Change, as always, is good. It’s hard, no doubt, but always, always for the better.

Nail care is one area in the beauty realm where I oh, so desperately need to step up my game and out of my box! Yes, I realize I have been declaring this for years upon years, but I’ve recently come across some new products that have brought mirth and delight to my nail routine. For instance …

1. These incredibly cute nail remover pads.


Forget any kind of cotton pad, this is where polish removal is AT!!!


These are small, but surprisingly effective and cheap. They are compact and yet are more efficient with the remover, leaving not a single piece of lint behind. I found mine at Daiso, but they’re also available online.

2. Mini polish bottles. A sweet friend gifted me with a mini set of Kardashian Kolors by Nicole for OPI and I am obsessed.


Tiny nail polish bottles? Irresistable! Also, the perfect size for those of us who are fickle with their polish choices and never finish a regular size bottle of nail polish. These kolors are kind of kute, but I think I officially pushed the overuse of “k” too far.

3. Nail. Polish. Wheels. Why didn’t I invest in these sooner???!!!!


Now I no longer have to expose the world to my raggedy cuticles and I coudn’t be more relieved. I’m not sure if I’ll ever have nail photography mastered, but these wheels make my life so much easier. Also, painting these plastic nails is extremely relaxing when you’re not worrying about smudging your own nails or avoiding major cuticle overspill. Who knew? I picked up ten of these wheels on eBay for a song.

4. Nail stickers are always fun, and I really enjoyed this pattern from OMG Nail Strips. These are all under $5 and easy to apply and remove and I didn’t have any problems with them tearing off or lifting.


Do you have any new nail care finds? Do share, I’d love to know!

*Provided for consideration. Opinions are my own.

  • Maria

    I use nail wheels like those to keep track of which nail polish colors I have. It has helped me realize that I probably don’t need any more purple polish, but I’m woefully lacking in green. Haha!

    When I head out to the shops I get my polish at, I’ll bring them with me, too. For one, it keeps me from buying a bunch of dupes, and for two, they’ll usually let me swatch onto them. That way I can get a feel for what a color will look like on the nail if they haven’t provided a swatch for me.

  • http://www.beautyinfinitum.com eight

    Oh, I think I need to order those nail polish remover pads! They look similar to Shiseido’s Facial Cotton… $4 for 1000 is a great buy!