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211/365 Days of Makeup 3.0

By Sheila Arkee

Since vowing to use more of my makeup reserves, specifically my MAC shadows, I came up with this little charming number. I’ve always loved MAC’s Texture, which I used here in the crease. It’s the perfect brown to use to break up some color on the eye and give a hooded lid some dimension. And, of course, glitter liner is something you can never go wrong with!



Base: Prestige Primed & Ready

Inner Lid: Cargo Eye Bronzer

Lid: MAC Tilt

Crease: MAC Texture

Outer Corner: MAC Embark

Browbone: MAC Mylar

Glitter: Sweet Libertine Maximum Overdrive

Liner: Avon Ultra Luxury Liner in U40 Dark Brown

Brows: Sante America Brow Pencil

Mascara: Maybelline The Collosal in Glam Black

*Prestige, Cargo, and Avon provided for consideration.