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359/365 Days of Makeup 3.0

By Sheila Arkee As the days in this 365 project are dwindling, I’m going through some older looks I just never got around to publishing, including today’s. Blue eyeliner is one of the great loves of my life, and I love it combined with a shimmery golden eye. Face Lumene BB Cream Shade 2 Make [...] [...]

My Eyebrows Are Groomed & Happy With NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil In Dark Brown

By Sheila Arkee I recently found myself on a mad, desperate search for the next, great eyebrow pencil in my life. A longtime fan of pencils, I find they’re just what my brows need to look groomed and in control. Eyebrows are the frames for your face, so keeping them in shape is a must. [...] [...]

Buuilt A Professional Makeup Kit At Great Prices With Tmart (Sponsored)

Building a professional makeup kit doesn’t have to cost and arm and a let. Read more to find out about Tmart’s great products and prices for makeup, nail care, and more. [...]