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241/365 Days of Makeup 3.0

By Sheila Arkee I have been in a little bit of denial about it, but the lashes on my right eye have withered away into an emergency state. Just my right eye, mind you. It reminds me of the time in high school when my lower lashes on my left eye completely fell out. Bizarre. [...] [...]

Pros And Cons Of Laser And Electrolysis

By Aleya Bamdad Aleya has been performing electrolysis and laser hair removal on Long Island for seven years. She has worked on people from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds and strives to always give the best possible results. With all of the advertising we are bombarded with every day, figuring out whether laser or electrolysis [...] [...]

A Mally Beauty Valentine’s Day Giveaway! Enter To Win A Perfect Red Lip Kit

By Sheila Arkee As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to some new beauty goodies. I am a big advocate for getting dressed up whenever the opportunity arises, and engage in a little pampering. Mally Roncal of Mally Beauty has four beauty looks to choose from. Here they are, direct from [...] [...]