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Shouting It Out: Now Is The Best Time

By Sheila Arkee Remember when you were a child and eagerly anticipated your upcoming birthday? That was me, and then some. Yes, I was one of those kids who started a countdown four months leading up to my big day, making sure every single person around me knew that I was getting another year older, [...] [...]

151/365 Days of Makeup 3.0

By Sheila Arkee Lately I’ve been making a point to use some of my colors that don’t see the light of day as often as they should. For example, MAC’s Coppering, which is one of the most perfect copper shades I’ve ever seen. Paired here with a darker crease, it’s quite charming – I see [...] [...]

Achieve At-Home Brow Perfection With Billion Dollar Brows Brow Buddy Shaping Kit

By Sheila Arkee After I grew my brows back from a place of near nakedness, I made sure to have my brows shaped on a regular basis. After my history, I did not trust myself anywhere near a tweezer for years but eventually became more comfortable tackling brow maintenance on my own. It can seem [...] [...]