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174/365 Days of Makeup 3.0

By Sheila Arkee Today’s take on smoky with some purple is directly inspired by a 64 pack of crayons. My son loves to color (he must get it from me – hee hee) and so I’ve indulged his inner artist by upping the ante from the standard 24 box he’s been using. In the expanded [...] [...]

Cosmetics Confessions: Your Favorite Moisturizers

By Sheila Arkee Okay, ladies & gents, it’s time to dish at our weekly open post. Pour the coffee, grab some pumpkin pie,  we’ll be here for awhile. As I mentioned yesterday, chilly temps mean my skin wants to go coo coo for cocoa puffs. Just like this. Really. So, right now, I’m using Lumene’s Sensitive [...] [...]

Hourglass Cosmetics Has Beautiful Sets For Holiday 2012

By Sheila Arkee As I’ve said many times in the past, Hourglass Cosmetics is one of my favorite luxury makeup brands. The quality of the products along side exceptional packaging makes it a huge win and definitely splurge-worthy. Here are two value offerings for Holiday 2012 – a great way to try out this lovely [...] [...]

Like Mattes? You’re In Luck With Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Palette

By Sheila Arkee You know, good quality matte shadows just aren’t fully available as you’d think. Enter Urban Decay’s Naked Basics palette, which is the $27 answer to matte lovers dreams. This gorgeous palette contains 6 rich, highly pigmented shades that are great on their own and blended with other shimmery shades. Four of these [...] [...]

173/365 Days of Makeup 3.0

By Sheila Arkee My recent makeup collection pick, a la American Pickers, turned up some might great finds, such as Nars Shadow Duo in Cleo. I remember being entirely thrilled to buy this set, and yet it’s almost like new. Why? I have to admit the shadows are a bit hard to wear on my [...] [...]

Lumene Sensitive Touch Arctic Aqua Moisture Booster Is What Your Skin Needs For Winter

By Sheila Arkee There is a certain time of the year when my skin and hair have one thing in mind, “It’s getting cold, let’s get craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!” Yes, I’m positive that’s exactly what goes on within my DNA. I don’t know about you, but I have an uphill battle of frizz and dryness, unlike any [...] [...]

Smoky Eyeshadow Tutorials & Inspiration

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172/365 Days of Makeup 3.0

By Sheila Arkee I have a post-Thanksgiving confession, which is that I’m not the biggest fan of cranberries …except when I’m wearing a cranberry shadow on my lids. MAC’s Cranberry is one of their older, non-limited edition, mainstays and I really should use it more often. This look was one that came very close to [...] [...]

HOLY GRAIL ALERT!!!! Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion and Peel System – A Pregnancy Glow, No Commitment Necessary

By Wendy Larson Between oily skin, my love for full coverage foundation, and let’s face it- not drinking nearly enough water the skin on my face is usually pretty dull.  On top of that I’m acne prone.  The conundrum I face is finding a exfoliator that actually does the job and is gentle enough to [...] [...]

171/365 Days of Makeup 3.0

By Sheila Arkee Over the weekend I started a deep intensive search in my makeup archives for Nars Exhibit A blush – it was just like the cosmetics version of American Pickers, but in my closet. And did I ever come across some great picks! Along the way I encountered several old school, super pigmented [...] [...]