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Sammydress Eye Makeup Makes You Become More Beautiful.

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I’m Renewing My Skin With Paula’s Choice Skincare

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Read on to find out how I am renewing my skin with the help of Paula’s Choice Resist Advanced Kit For Wrinkles + Breakouts skincare.

Paula's Choice Skincare Review

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Protect Your Phone In Style With Casetify Metaluxe

Press Sample

So, I’m a tad bit behind on this review, because I’ve been using and loving my Casetify Metaluxe phone case for a couple of months now.

Casetify Metaluxe Painted Ladies

I’ve reviewed the basic Casetify case in the past and was pleasantly surprised when a Metaluxe case arrived in the mail.

Casetify Metaluxe 1

It’s sleek. It’s sophisticated. And, best of all, I can show off some of my favorite photos on this case.

Casetify Metaluxe Review

The smooth design of Metaluxe is inspired by high-end watches. My favorite feature about the Metaluxe phone case is the protective outer lip on the front that protects the screen from accidents. The case itself is hardy, and has survived many knocks over the past couple of months while still looking great.

Casetify Metaluxe 2

You can find and design your own custom Metaluxe case with ease over the Casetify website. A custom Metaluxe case is $50.

Smashbox Donald Robertson Be Legendary Lipstick in Bing

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Smashbox Donald Robertson Be Legendary Lipstick in Bing isn’t just any red lipstick.

Smashbox Donald Robertson Lipstick Bing

It’s an absolutely stunning and fabulous creamy red lipstick.

Smashbox Donald Robertson Be Legenday Lipstick in Bing

Hello, hotness!

Smashbox Donald Robertson Be Legenday Lipstick in Bing Swatch

We are in a day and age where luxury lipsticks are really living up to their price point, and the Smashbox Be Legendary lipsticks are no exception.

Swatch Smashbox Donald Robertson Be Legenday Lipstick in Bing

The Be Legendary line of lipsticks is designed by artist Donald Robertson exclusively for Smashbox.

Review Smashbox Donald Robertson Be Legenday Lipstick in Bing

These lipsticks are richly pigmented and offer nourishing ingredients that include Shea Butter and antioxidants such as Vitamin C & E.

Smashbox Donald Robertson Be Legenday Lipstick in Bing Packaging

The lipsticks are called matte, but I would say these are definitely extremely creamy and long-wearing.

My Final Thoughts: Bing is a red to end all reds! From the packaging, to the texture, to the stunning product, I’m all in all wowed by the Smashbox Be Lengendary Lipstick in Bing, created exclusively by Donald Robertson.

Rating: A

Price: $21

Availability: Beauty.com

Cruelty-free? No

Paraben-free? Yes

My Instagram Life 4-26-2015

Happy Sunday! Here’s a look behind the scenes of Painted Ladies from the past week, as seen on Instagram.

There’s a first time for everything! My first attempt at water marbling nail art.

Water Marbling Nail Art Fail

A smoky burgundy eye.

Smoky Burgundy Eyes

3 ingredients for the perfect smoky eye.

3 Step Smoky Eyes

I’m loving this beloved facial spray by Mario Badescu lately.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Really and sincerely one of the best, best, BEST liquid liners I’ve ever used. The best!

Kat Von D Liquid Liner

Whoever thought of this false eyelash applicator was a GENIUS!!!

Ardell False Lash Applicator

My newest favorite ColourPop Super Shock Shadow, though ALL of the ones I’ve purchased are my favorites.

ColourPop Sunnies

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate is awesome and there’s a reason why!


Smoky eyes with a side of sunny.

Smoky Eyes ColourPop Sunnies

The cutest nail polish packaging of all time ever. Ever!

LaurenB Beauty Nail Polish

I found these adorable rainbow roses in a grocery store this weekend and I’m kind of in love.

Rainbow Roses

My picks for 5 must have makeup setting sprays.

5 Must Have Setting Sprays


Finding the Wet n Wild Fergie Milano eyeshadow palette felt like finding a golden ticket! And I got another one to give away to one lucky reader!

Wet n Wild Milani Palette

These earrings tho. Needing a treat, I picked them up at Target, which is one of my favorite sources for budget friendly accessories.

Target Earrings

The Girl Scouts Thin Mint Lip Smacker I scored at Big Lots is possibly the best $1 I’ve spent all weekend!

Girl Scouts Thin Mint Lip Smacker

Here’s to a blessed week!

Vitabath, Embryolisse, Nail Art, Tony Moly & More On The Beauty Blog Coalition

Here’s a look at some of the best blog posts on the Beauty Blog Coalition this week.



An Interview With Michelle Villanueva, Creator Of Shadow Shields

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The tagline of Shadow Shields is:Be fearless. Be Flawless. Be Smudge Free. That’s an accurate description of  of benefits the self-adhesive cloth shields that you can use under your eyes to catch any kind of shadow or glitter fall out.

Shadow Shields

Shadow Shields are such a useful beauty tool that I named them one of my top 5 beauty inventions that have revolutionzed the beauty industry. They really are that great! Celebrity makeup artist Michelle Villanueva, creator of Shadow Shields, was kind enough to answer some questions about her great idea that’s a beauty industry must have.

Shadow Shields Collage

Painted Ladies: I recently named Shadow Shields as one my favorite beauty inventions. There’s no doubt that Shadow Shields have revolutionize the makeup industry. As a professional makeup artist, what inspired you to create these wonderful creations?

Michelle: You are so sweet for naming us as a Top 5 Beauty Invention. We feel extremely honored and so grateful to you and each of our customers/fans! Before creating Shadow Shields, I was a freelance makeup artist and always struggled with the issue of eyeshadow fallout. So I decided to do something about it; not just find a solution, but create one! The rest is history! :)

Shadow Shields Demo

Painted Ladies: How long did it take you to bring Shadow Shields into the market after coming up with the idea?

Michelle: I began researching in mid 2007 and launched in February 2008.

Review Shadow Shields

Painted Ladies: Besides being used to help prevent shadow fall out, what are other ways people can use Shadow Shields?

Michelle: We have customers using them in so many fun and creative ways; as a straight edge for shadow to keep it sharp and clean, as a guide for eyeliner- especially that winged cat eye that some can tend to struggle with (Love that saying “May the wings of your liner always be even” Lol!), and even for lipstick to prevent smudging!

Shadow Shields Lipstick

Painted Ladies: Do you have any plans to bring out more products that are similar to Shadow Shields?

Michelle: We currently have no plans to bring anything else to market! I’m exhausted just with the one!! LOL!!! Still continuing to grow and build even more brand awareness daily! So thank you for your support and posts- without you guys, there is no Shadow Shields!

Thank you, Michelle!!!

You can find Shadow Shields at beauty.com or www.shadowshields.com.

5 Must Have Makeup Setting Sprays

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When it comes to makeup, I have a confession to make. I am secretly obsessed with makeup setting sprays. They are my favorite way to start and finish a makeup application, and I love the way my makeup looks after I’ve used a setting spray. There are several in my arsenal that I rotate between. While it’s impossible for me to pick a favorite, here’s a look at my 5 must have makeup setting sprays that will not only give your makeup a polished look, but help it last for hours on end.

Five Must Have Makeup Setting Sprays

It really is impossible for me to pick a favorite because each of these makeup setting sprays has a special place in my heart. These sprays come at a variety of price points and each has their own selling point that makes them unique.

1. e.l.f. Studio Makeup Mist & Set ($3)

I sincerely did not expect to get such great results from this innocent looking $6 product, but I have to tell you this is one of the best budget beauty finds out there. e.l.f.’s take on the makeup setting spray works so well to keep your makeup in place and I’m particularly impressed by how well it keeps foundation looking great.

2. MAC Prep + Prime Fix + ($22)

Fix + was my gateway setting spray and it’s a perpetual favorite that somehow manages to add a gorgeous glow to your skin. It’s a perpetual favorite and one makeup product from MAC I’ll forever repurchase. I really love using MAC Fix + after using a powder foundation to take the powdery edge off of my skin.

3. Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herb, & Rosewater ($7)

This is a longtime beauty industry favorite, and for a good reason! Not only does it smell terrific, it can be used to set your makeup and also on your hair. I’ve been reaching for this spray a lot lately!

4. Model In A Bottle ($18)

The day I got married I was still early on in my makeup career and I sprayed hairspray all over my face keep my makeup in place. Not my smartest move, but it worked. However, Model In A Bottle works better and it doesn’t contain any potentially skin damaging ingredients. And when I mean it works, IT WORKS! It’s a lightweight makeup fixative that is fantastic if you need your makeup to truly last. It’s perfect for brides!

5. Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray ($29)

The idea for Skindinavia came up in the middle of a nightclub 10 years ago, and it’s since become a beauty industry must have. Thank you, Allan Goldman, for saving our sweaty faces! Beloved by makeup artists and makeup lovers alike, Skindinavia set the standard for makeup setting sprays, and you’ll find it’s worth every single penny.

Skindinavia is also behind setting sprays for Urban Decay and Mary Kay, proving you can’t improve on a product that’s pretty much perfect. Skindinavia has a version of their spray catered toward brides, and also a spray that offers oil control. I also like Skindinavia’s spray version of a makeup primer, which is silicone-free and really gives your makeup an added edge.

How could I possibly pick a very favorite? Impossible! One beauty tip to remember is to fan your face with a piece of paper or an actual fan right after you apply your setting spray. It speeds up the drying process and you’ll love the results.

Do you have a favorite makeup setting spray?

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture Review & Swatches

Press Sample

First and foremost, let me just state to the world that Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture wins for best nail polish packaging I’ve ever seen, hands down.

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture

Is this not the cutest use of fonts and graphics? I am so taken by the sleek bottle design and calligraphy script that’s used so well. The question lies in this: Is the polish as good as the packaging?

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture Swatches

I recently had the opportunity to try the Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture Nail Perfecter and Nail Polish in Pacific Palisades. This line of nail products is inspired by Los Angeles and the names of the polishes refer to area landmarks. There are some gorgeous colors in the line up!

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture Review

Lauren B. products are designed to give you a top notch, at-home salon gel manicure experience. The polishes are crafted in the USA and are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and are 5-free, made without formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde resin, or camphor.

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture Nail Perfecter Review

The Lauren B. Beauty Nail Perfecter ($20) is the perfect prep product for polish. This product adds nourishment, fills ridges, hides discoloration, dries quickly, and leaves behind a buff, matte base. My nails are full of ridges and I’m impressed by how well it covered up my natural nails.

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture Nail Pefecter

I’m all about a lilac nail polish, so Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture in Pacific Palisades ($18) is definitely the perfect color to try.

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture Pacific Palisades Review

I found the formula to be smooth, easy to apply, and quick to dry, with two layers needed for maximum opacity.

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture Pacific Palisades

Used with NYC Grand Central Station Top Coat, Pacific Palisades was chip-free for four days, but I did experience tip wear by day two.

My Final Thoughts: Bright, vibrant, and shiny, the Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture line offers gorgeous nail colors inspired by Los Angeles. I’m not sure if you get better results with the Lauren B. top coat, but with my own top coat I didn’t find the polish to last as long as promised. Still, the products are lovely and Pacific Palisades is my new go-to lilac polish

Rating: B+

Price: $18 – $20

Availability: www.laurenbbeauty.com

Cruelty-free? Yes

Makeup Of The Day 104 With ColourPop Sunnies Super Shock Shadow

Press SampleI Bought It

ColourPop Sunnies Super Shock Shadow just might be the color I’m reaching for time and again this Spring and Summer. What a fresh, fun color! Paired with darker shadows, it’s a gorgeous take on the traditional smoky eye.

Makeup Inspiration With ColourPop Sunnies Super Shock Shadow and ColourPop Cupid Lippie Stix

Keep reading for more photos and to find out what products I used for this look!

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3 Reasons You’ll Love Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate

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Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate is one of of those beauty products that gets nothing but good word of mouth from beauty pros to beauty lovers everywhere you go.

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate

If you have been paying attention to the beauty world for any length of time, there’s no doubt you’ve heard about this wonder skincare product. Before it was distributed in the USA, it was highly coveted and an in-demand product from Europe. Mentioned in magazines or blogs, it’s continually picked as a must have by makeup artists and makeup lovers, alike.

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate Review

This year Embryolisse is celebrating their 65th anniversary with special packaging. This gold and black tube is a fun alternative to the traditional white tube and a great way to pay respects to this beloved cream.


So, why is Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate so great? I’ll give you 3 reasons it’s a must have!

Reason #1: Perfect for all skin types, this shea butter-based cream melts into your skin and does not make your oil production go out of control.  As a person whose skin tends toward oily, this is a huge selling point. My skin looks good and nourished when I use Embroylisse.  Shea butter makes my world go round. Seriously, it’s one of my favorite skin and hair care ingredients.

Reason #2:  As a makeup primer, it helps your makeup look good for hours. I’ve been mixing Embryolisse with Cover FX Custom Cover Drops and I’m always told my skin looks good. Not my makeup, my skin. I’m sold on this combo for life!

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops and Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate

Reason #3: It’s a skin soother. On those occasions my skin is just irritated, I know Embryolisse will make it look and feel better on the quick. Going back to the fundamentals, it’s just a great skincare product all the way around.

My Final Thoughts: Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate will make your skin and makeup look great. As a person who tends to doubt products that get nothing but acclaim, if I like something it means it’s really that good! A fan of Embryolisse for many years, I am definitely impressed and think it’s a skincare item that everyone needs.

Rating: A

Price: Available in 2 sizes: 1 oz, $16 (regular packaging), and 2.54 oz, $28 (special edition packaging)

Availability: Sephora

Cruelty-free? Yes

Paraben-free? Yes